Ebene Magazine – WATCH: Cough, maskless Tanzanian minister holds press conference to prove he’s not dead – The Citizen

Ebene Magazine - WATCH: Cough, maskless Tanzanian minister holds press conference to prove he's not dead - The Citizen

Tanzania has been heavily criticized by Africans for not doing enough to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Now the country’s finance minister, Philip Mpango, held an all-in-one press conference on Tuesday Hospital in Dodoma to prove he was still alive after rumors that he died of Covid-19.

During the briefing, a maskless Mpango tries to speak while he coughs while standing next to maskless Doctors seated. He has now reportedly been released from the hospital.

Government: Dr. Mpango is not very sick. Let’s call a press conference and show you the finance minister. He doesn’t even have to wear a mask.

The video sparked outrage among Africans who criticized the country for delaying progress in the fight against Covid-19 as its citizens continued to travel to neighboring countries.

President John Magafuli insisted for months that Covid -19 was parried with prayer before finally admitting that the country had a Covid-19 problem as deaths continued to rise.

The president has now urged citizens to take precautionary measures and use locally made face masks to wear. The country has not updated its number of Covid-19 infections since April last year.

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has urged the country to stop public health measures against Covid-19 to step up and prepare for vaccinations.

« I have spoken to several authorities in Tanzania, but WHO has not yet received any information on what measures Tanzania is taking to respond to the pandemic.

 » These The situation is still very worrying. I again ask Tanzania to report Covid-19 cases and exchange data. I also urge Tanzania to implement the public health measures known to us to break the chain of transmission and prepare for vaccination, « Ghebreyesus said this week.

 » This underscores the need for Tanzania to commit decisive action take action to protect our own people as well as those in these countries and beyond. « 

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Tanzania has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Tanzania, stating testing for Covid-19 are either not available or the results are not always available within three calendar days of the test.

« Since January 2021, the number of Covid-19 cases that individuals have reported to the US Embassy has has increased significantly « , says the message.

 » The Tanzanian government has not published any total numbers of Covid 19 cases or deaths since April 2020 cht. The whole of Tanzania is largely lacking masks, social distancing and other prevention strategies.

“There are increasing reports that test results are significantly delayed and that some clinics no longer offer tests before departure. Many people also get inconclusive results and are asked to repeat the test after a few days. Travelers have tested positive for negative Covid-19 tests in Tanzania on arrival at foreign destinations before departure.

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