Ebene Magazine – Warnock warns that voting rights are being attacked at a rate not seen « since the Jim Crow era ».


Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) delivered his first floor speech on Wednesday condemning attempts by Republicans across the country to make it harder for people to vote.

« We are witnessing a massive and intrepid situation right now Assault on the right to vote and access to voters unlike anything we have seen since the Jim Crow era, « said Warnock, Georgia’s first black senator. « One person, one vote is being threatened. Politicians in my home state and across America, in their longing for power, have launched a full-fledged attack on the right to vote … and on democracy itself. »

Former President Donald Trump lost the November presidential election – both the electoral college and the referendum – falsely claiming that the system was « rigged ». Although there is no evidence of significant electoral fraud, Republican state lawmakers have taken up the narrative, claiming that changes are necessary to ensure transparency and fair elections.

Georgia had a record turnout in November when the state closed President Biden left, and in January, when Warnock and Senator Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) Won their runoff elections and put the Democrats in control of the Senate. Earlier this month, Republican-led Georgia-led Senate and House of Representatives legislators approved both bills that would restrict early election days and postal voting, and work began on Wednesday on a measure that would give the state complete authority over local electoral officials would provide postal voting card requirements and limit early voting on weekends.

Warnock is the primary sponsor of the Senate For the People Act, which could override such restrictive government measures. The version of the House Bill passed after party lines last month and would allow for the automatic registration of voters, the elimination of partisan gerrymandering, the weakening of voter identification laws, and the expansion of early and mail-in voting. « This problem of having access to votes and preventing politicians from trying to limit voting are so fundamental to our democracy that it is too important to be taken hostage by a Senate rule, » Warnock said, referring to himself while on the filibuster. “Especially one that has historically been used to curb the expansion of voting rights.”

More stories from theweek.comWhy Atlanta Spa Shoot Feels Different Biden Facial Plants In Evangelical Outreach Global gasoline demand peaked in 2019 and The International Energy Agency predicts Mitch McConnell is leading the GOP’s efforts to prevent the Senate from voting on civil rights laws that a top Democratic Senator compares to « Jim Crow in new clothes. » These concerns echo former President Obama’s arguments, and his campaign interviewer Cornell Belcher told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that Democrats are right to crack down on obstacles under these conditions because many in the GOP pretend it is « still politically one. » Problem having a lot of black.  » People vote in this country. « 

Demand for gasoline fell in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic brought much of the world to a standstill. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted on Wednesday that gasoline will never fully recover. » We believe not that gasoline consumption will return to 2019 levels, « said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. The IEA released its five-year forecast hours after BMW became the youngest automaker to announce a major switch to electric vehicles. Battery-powered cars and trucks were just one of the, however Factors that convinced the Paris-based Energy Monitor that we had the highest gas demand, reports the Wall Street Journal. New gasoline-powered vehicles are also more economical, the IEA says, and the increase in work from home is likely to change commuting practices. Gas demand will increase in developing countries like India and China in the coming years Ears are still increasing, but the accelerated roll-out of voting vehicles in Europe, the US and other rich countries will reduce overall consumption, the IEA predicts. While the thirst for gas will not fully recover, demand for oil will recover and increase until at least 2026, and jet fuel consumption will slowly increase, reaching 2019 levels in 2024, the agency said. BMW announced on Wednesday that it intends to make half of its fleet battery-powered by 2030, although it will continue to sell internal combustion engine vehicles, particularly in developing countries. General Motors has announced that it will make its entire fleet emission-free by 2035, Volvo aims to produce only electric vehicles by 2030, and Volkswagen says half of its car sales will be for electric vehicles by 2030 and six large new battery factories will be built in Europe. More stories from theweek.comWhy the Atlanta spa shoot feels different.

A man named Robert Aaron Long apparently confessed to carrying out mass shootings in the Atlanta area on Tuesday night. Eight people were killed in three different massage parlors, six of them Asian women. The identity of the victims naturally led to speculation that there was a racial motivation for the killings. But in a press conference Wednesday, Cherokee County Sheriff Captain Jay Baker tried to downplay that possibility. He reiterated Long’s claim that the murder was « not racially motivated » and that it was instead his alleged sex addiction. He « sees these places as … a temptation for him to be removed, » Baker said. Baker sounded almost like a defense attorney, also saying that Long « understood the gravity of the problem … yesterday was a really bad day for him and he did. » Apart from the bizarrely sympathetic comments about a seasoned mass murderer, this argument is implausible. While we don’t have all the facts here, there is an extensive literature on how racial prejudice can fuel unhealthy sexual fetishes and violence (for example, by instilling the belief that women of Asian descent are inherently submissive and potentially lead to violence when advances are made being rejected). Driving dozens of kilometers to commit mass murder in three different, specially Asian massage parlors in order to get revenge on an alleged sex addiction is no evidence against a racist motive. it’s proof of one. Correction: In an earlier version of this story, Baker was misidentified as the captain of the Atlanta Police. We regret the mistake. More stories from theweek.comWhy the Atlanta Spa Shoot Feels DifferentBiden Facial Plants in Evangelical Public Relations Global demand for gasoline peaked in 2019 and will not reach that level again, predicts the International Energy Agency

For Latinx cultures, jewelry has a strong attraction to ornaments that go back to our black and indigenous roots. Gold became a legacy and a symbol of freedom for Afro-Panamanians who were once referred to as « silver employees ». Aztec jewelry made of gold and semi-precious stones was reserved for kings and the upper classes, including emperors and nobles. For the Incas, gold jewelry not only showed your social status, it also meant that you were closer to God. Certain Latinx cultures now wear jewelry to proclaim their religion or to wear spiritual protection. It remains a common gift for life events such as baptisms, first communions and birthdays. Newborn girls have their ears pierced as a rite of passage. In addition to explaining our cultures and traditions, famous Latinas have also shown the statements we can make in a society that tells us to remain Calladitas. Dolores del Rio and Lupe Velez wore old Hollywood-era balls. Celia Cruz took the stage with large earrings, eye-catching necklaces and glamorous cocktail rings. Maria Felix inspired Cartier to commission a 60-carat necklace with two crocodiles. MEP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a cue from Sonia Sotomayor and chose to wear gold hoops for her historic swearing-in ceremony. With this mix of nostalgia, pride, rebellion, and style, it’s no surprise that so many Latina-founded jewelry brands are hitting the market – and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Check out these, from etched acrylic accessories to earrings with strong messages. At Refinery29, we are here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of things. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something that we link to on our website, Refinery29 can earn a commission. Mercedes Salazar Taking inspiration from her homeland of Colombia and her spiritual alchemy, accessory designer Mercedes Salazar translates ideas of heritage and spirituality into bold and beautiful handbags, hats and jewelry, including these gold astronomical earrings. She even sells craft kits so you can enjoy the process as you learn a new skill. Mercedes Salazar Lucky Saturn Clip-On Earrings, $, available at RevolveHija de tu Madre In addition to apparel and office supplies, Patty Delgado’s Latinx-centric brand Hija de tu Madre is also making dope and fortifying jewelry. Whether you want to be reminded that you are a Jefa or you want to celebrate being a Latina, this nostalgic gold necklace will do the trick. Hija de tu Madre Latinx Necklace, $, available from Hija de tu MadreafrolunatikaA piece of jewelry is great, but it becomes an extension of your own voice when it has a message in it. 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Fans disappointed with the 2017 movie « Justice League » can finally see the original director’s vision for the film, who for the first time has multiple DC Comics superheroes united on screen. Zack Snyder’s editing of Justice League debuted Thursday on HBO Max, a subscription streaming service launched by AT&T Inc.’s WarnerMedia last year. « This film would not exist at all without the fans, without the pressure of the fans and without their constant drumbeat and without their commitment on a level that is impossible to imagine, » Snyder told Reuters in an interview.

Former President Donald Trump hardly exists in President Joe Biden’s war against the coronavirus. The Democratic President ignored Trump in his first prime-time address to the nation, save for a brief indirect push. It was the same when Biden started a national tour in Pennsylvania on Tuesday to promote the $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

« He’s a cute dog. 85% of the people there love him … he just licks them and wags his tail, « Biden said of his dog Major.

A car laden with explosives is found near Mukesh Ambani’s home in Mumbai and its alleged owner is killed.

Over 40 million Americans were en route to violent storms on Wednesday as multiple tornadoes were reported in parts of the deep south.

It is deeply disturbing to ask Meghan Markle’s blackness by skin color to see her experience with Downplaying racial discrimination.

The US prosecutor’s office will next week for the brother of the sitting Honduran President and former Honduran Congressman Juan Antonio Tony Hernandez, who died in October 2019 for drug trafficking and related issues convicted of hanging gun charges, seeking a life in prison. Prosecutors said Tony Hernandez « played a leadership role in a violent, government-sponsored drug trafficking conspiracy, » along with his brother, President Juan Orlando Hernandez. President Hernandez has denied the allegations and has not been charged with any criminal offense.

In another setback for the postponed Tokyo Olympics – and another one with comments on women – Games creative director Hiroshi Sasaki resigned Thursday after he made humiliating comments on a well-known female celebrity in Japan. The Tokyo Olympics are slated to open in just over four months, followed by the coronavirus pandemic, record costs and numerous scandals. When the International Olympic Committee awarded the Games to Japan 7 1/2 years ago, Tokyo considered itself a « safe pair of hands ».

The Tiger King producer on his new film about cheating on US stars like Felicity Huffman .

The Greek alphabet is no longer used if there are no names left in a hurricane season, such as in 2020.

Former middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler (yes, that was his real name ), died on Saturday at the age of 66. If you’re under 35, or maybe even 40, you’re probably wondering, « What’s the big deal? Old boxers die all the time. » US Vice President Kamala Harris and Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin have each other met virtually on Wednesday with 22 college students who will trace the journey of black abolitionist Frederick Douglass back to Ireland 175 years ago to escape slavery.The students received competitive scholarships this summer for a month of study in Ireland, where Douglass 1845 spent four months Martin told the students that Douglass, then 27, called his time in Ireland one of the happiest of his life because he was not « treated as a color but as a man – not a thing but as a child of the common father of « all of us. »

The « Fixer Upper » stars Chip and Joanna Gaines got Waco from a small town in Texa s made a must for lovers of housewares.

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