Ebene Magazine – Viral Video: German Chancellor forgot mask after speech, what happened after this became viral hi

Ebene Magazine - Viral Video: German Chancellor forgot mask after speech, what happened after this became viral hi

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which is that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In which the German Chancellor, after giving a speech, forgot his mask on the podium and sat on the seat. When she remembered after sitting on the seat, she forgot to keep her mast on the podium, so she immediately ran to take her mask. Reuters shared this video on social media via tweeter on February 20 during the address to the Parliament session. « Angela Merkel forgets her face mask on the podium after a speech, » Reuters said in the caption of her post, sharing the video.

It can be clearly seen in this video that German Chancellor Angela Merkel placed her files on the table. After which he realized that his mask was not with him on the table. She then realized that she had forgotten her mask on the podium. Soon after, he ran towards the podium and took off his mask while the podium was being cleaned.

Angela Merkel panics as she forgets her face mask on the lectern after a speech pic.twitter.com/qC4GAeWpVt

After the video went viral by Reuters, Twitter users started getting their own separate responses on social media. Let me tell you that this video has been viewed more than a million times.

During that session, Angela Merkel said that apart from funding Germany and other rich countries, developing countries also needed to give some of their vaccines, because vaccination worldwide would end the coronovirus epidemic.

This video of the German Chancellor shows how serious she is about Coronavirus and following its guidelines. All of us should follow the guidelines regarding Coronavirus in the same seriousness.

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