Ebene Magazine – Troubled Greek universities are concerned about campus police’s plan


A new special police force to combat violence at Greek universities has sparked riot and heated debate in a country where the police entering campus is a highly sensitive issue.

Condemned by some critics as undemocratic , student groups have broken virus restrictions in order to regularly protest the police plan for weeks.

As memories of the beatings and murders of students by security forces during the military dictatorship in Greece are still great, university staff fear that the police station will be stationed on campus is not the answer and the problems could even ignite.

For decades, strikes, protests, clashes, violence against employees, sit-in strikes against cuts and reforms, and crime have disrupted university life.

In the most recent case, university life was disrupted a riot police dispatched to the occupation of administrative offices at the Aristote lio University in the second city, Thessaloniki.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says the new police patrols are necessary to initiate « a cool breath of freedom that has been kept away from the smoke of the fire bombs ».

Speaking to MPs last month when the plan was approved, he said « historic university buildings will be destroyed, infrastructure looted, people threatened, girls raped and drugs sold ».

At the Athens Polytechnic, the said Deputy Rector Evangelos Sapountzakis, however, said there were « doubts » as to whether the police were up to the task.

Sapountzakis, himself a polytechnic graduate, also told AFP that he was concerned that students were using the police on campus as a « provocation » would look at and fight back.

Under the current Conservative government, there have been reports of persistent police tactics against demonstrators.

In the Ra As part of the plan, around 1,000 specially trained police officers will be deployed at the most important Greek universities from September, a police source told AFP.

In the meantime, police work at some large universities will be stepped up from next month, the Minister for Public Order has announced .

On condition of anonymity, a polytechnic professor said the sprawling university campus in Athens’ Zografou district had a number of problems, from vandalism and graffiti to drug trafficking.

« The worst Problem we have is break-ins and theft of devices that can take a year to replace, « he said.

 » Most of the people here believe these things need to be kept in check, but we disagree how to do it. « 

In the past, universities have tried to keep the police at bay after they broke a student riot in 1973 a m Athens Polytechnic.

Sapountzakis, its deputy rector, insists that the university could better manage its own security if its state funds had not been drastically cut during the decade of economic crisis.

« Im In 2009 our budget was 9.36 million euros. This year it’s 3.8 million euros.

« The electricity bill alone costs around two million euros, » Sapountzakis told AFP in his office overlooking the run-down campus.

An online petition against the The measure has received hundreds of signatures from scholars around the world.

In December, the conclave of Greek university rectors said it had recognized « the need » for a « realistic » security initiative and had asked the government for more details.

Some have criticized them for not speaking out more strongly against the violent campus.

« It is expensive, let alone occasionally dangerous, to speak out, let alone act, against this condition, » said Stathis Kalyvas, who has spent most of his career abroad and is currently a government professor at Oxford University.

However, they are often anti-establishment protesters n who are not part of the university behind the violence.

In October, the rector of the Athens University of Economics (AUEB) was attacked in his office by a group of hooded youths who presented him with a sign that read  » Solidarity with sit-in strikes « .

A faculty member told AFP: » Our university has big problems with crimes, petty or not, that are mainly committed by non-students. « 

Staff and students « Are afraid to express themselves in the file because they could be targeted, » said the employee.

Rectors and professors from other universities were also blocked in their offices by students who spoke out against reform plans.

In front of a laboratory at the Athens Polytechnic, a large graffito of a pig with a policeman’s hat was sprayed on the wall.

The professor of civil engineering Xenofon Lignos, who both his student and has also spent his teaching career at university, but says that the external picture of the dysfunction belies the solid research of his students, much of which is commissioned by European industry.

Samia Suluhu Hassan is a softly spoken Muslim Woman who was ousted from the obscure role of Vice President to become Tanzania’s first female leader after John Magufuli’s sudden death.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Friday called for an end to the violence in Myanmar and called on the leaders of Southeast Asia Countries to hold a summit on the crisis. « Indonesia is urging to stop using violence in Myanmar immediately in order to avoid more victims, » ​​Widodo said in a televised address and expressed his condolences to the victims and their families. Widodo, the leader of Southeast Asia’s largest economy, said he would immediately contact the Sultan of Brunei, who holds the rotating presidency of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, to set up an ASEAN summit to deal with the turmoil in Myanmar. </ Ousted lawmakers were investigating whether the International Criminal Court (ICC) could investigate crimes against humanity since the coup, while authorities arrested two other journalists, including a BBC reporter, the media said. The military and police have increasingly used violent tactics to suppress demonstrations by supporters of the imprisoned elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, but this has not deterred the protests as crowds emerged again in several cities. Security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters in downtown Aungban and later opened fire in a confrontation as they tried to clear a protester's barricade, media reports and a witness reported.

Amitabh Bachchan is known for his work honored with a global award for the preservation of Indian film heritage.

The French Ministry of Health announced on Monday that it had identified a new strain of coronavirus and that patients had initially tested negative for infection.

North Korea announced on Friday announced the termination of diplomatic relations with Malaysia over its decision to extradite a North Korean criminal suspect to the United States. The ministry announced it would « sever all diplomatic relations with Malaysia, resulting in excessive hostile act against (North Korea) under pressure from the US ».

Actor Armie Hammer is under investigation for sexual assault, police said Los Angeles on Thursday with. Hammer’s attorney denied the claim. Hammer is the prime suspect in a sexual assault reported to police on February 3, said LAPD spokesman Drake Madison.

The « whistleblower » behind the allegations quickly retracted them, and investigators analyzed the ballots and saw none Indications of tampering.

A private detective reveals that a British tabloid paid him large sums of money at the beginning of their relationship with Prince Harry in order to spy on Meghan Markle. Daniel Portley-Hanks, now a retired private investigator from Los Angeles, was hired by The Sun to get private information about Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, the New York Times reported Thursday.

A potential Juror, who once lived in the neighborhood where George Floyd was arrested, told the attorney for an ex-officer charged with Floyd’s death that he had a personal reason to be on the jury. « Because I, as a black man, see that many black people are being killed and no one is being held accountable for them, and you are wondering why or what the decisions were, » said Juror No. 76 when questioned during the selection of the jury in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial. « We have a black man who was probably best placed to judge the dismissal of the case, » said Nekima Levy Armstrong, civil rights attorney and head of a community activism organization called the Wayfinder Foundation.

The Sun hired a famous one Private investigator getting information on Meghan Markle. He says he accessed their phone and social security numbers.

If US studies prove the vaccine safe and effective, the FDA could use it for an emergency next month.

The UK’s Royal Yacht Squadron Racing has been confirmed as a challenger to the 37th America’s Cup, which means it will help set the rules and location for the next edition of the marquee regatta. Royal Yacht Squadron Racing presented its challenge two days earlier, immediately after Emirates Team New Zealand successfully defended the Auld Mug with a 7-3 win over Italian Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team on the Gulf of Hauraki. « It’s great to include the RYSR again as they were the first yacht club to present this trophy over 170 years ago, which really sparked the America’s Cup legacy, » said Aaron Young, Commodore of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, all in one Explanation.

Scottish prosecutors have said they may be investigating how David Davis received leaked messages suggesting a criminal conspiracy against Alex Salmond. The Crown Office said Thursday it would « consider whether further investigation is needed » after the senior Tory used parliamentary privilege to read texts to Mr Salmond among senior SNP figures, including Nicola Sturgeon’s husband were notified of his criminal case. The former Brexit secretary quickly took an exception to the announcement when telling officials to « go back and read their law books ». Meanwhile, Ms. Sturgeon attacked Mr. Davis and Mr. Salmond as « the quintessential old boys’ club » and requested an apology from the former Brexit secretary, who she referred to as her predecessor’s « old pal ».

Alexi McCammond, the newly hired editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue has resigned after questioning her decade-old racist tweets that recently re-emerged. McCammond, 27, who was due to start her new job on March 24, announced the decision in a statement she shared on Twitter. She said her « past tweets overshadowed the work I did ». « My past tweets have overshadowed the work I’ve done to highlight the people and topics that matter to me – topics that Teen Vogue has worked tirelessly on to share with the world – and so did Condé Nast and I decided to split up, « said McCammond wrote.

The cadet was charged with illegally entering the US Capitol and expelled from the Republican Club, but remains enrolled in the school.

France imposed a month-long lockdown on Paris and parts of the north after a stalled vaccine rollout and the spread of highly contagious variants of coronavirus forced President Emmanuel Macron to change course. Since late January, when he opposed calls from academics and some members of his government to lock down the country, Macron has announced that it will do everything possible to keep the eurozone’s second-largest economy as open as possible. However, this week he ran out of options when France and other European countries temporarily stopped using the AstraZenca vaccine.

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