Ebene Magazine – « This is worse than the people – these are the best people of the city »: the video from « Kill the Dragon » on the eve of Navalny’s meeting made a splash on the Web (VIDEO) ru

Ebene Magazine - "This is worse than the people - these are the best people of the city": the video from "Kill the Dragon" on the eve of Navalny's meeting made a splash on the Web (VIDEO) ru

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Internet users are actively discussing the excerpt from the famous film “To Kill the Dragon” by director Mark Zakharov, circulated in social networks, which Twitter user Alex Belenky titled “Meeting Navalny”.

On the eve of the announced return of the oppositionist on January 17 from Germany to Moscow on the « Pobeda » flight, a two-minute video of the meeting of the mayor of the city, brilliantly performed by Yevgeny Leonov, with the wanderer Lancelot, played by Alexander Abdulov, acquires a truly mystical meaning. Especially considering the fact that the play by Evgeny Schwartz « Dragon », according to which in 1988 Zakharov shot his last film based on the script of Grigory Gorin, was written in the 40s of the last century.

In the sparkling quotes from Burgomaster-Leonov, which have long become classics, users have found recognizable parallels with the “Navalny case” regarding his upcoming return to Russia after treatment at the Berlin clinic Sharite.

Internet users in the comments were amazed at how topical and relevant the dialogues written many years ago now sound.

“Masterpiece”, “Gorgeous. The authors of the film are geniuses ”,“ Straight to the point ”,“ The film is simply prophetic ”,“ The best people of the city ”are already being recruited on all social networks for the mower”, “This is what should be shown for the New Year and before the elections in a week))), as it were the film was not banned, by God, ”“ Brilliant !!!! How could the future be predicted ??? « , » How did they know? « , – users write on the Web.

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