Ebene Magazine – The UK is reportedly slashing development aid to developing countries, including Yemen, by up to 50 percent


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The UK Foreign Secretary announced that the budget for foreign aid will decrease from £ 13.9 billion to £ 9.9 billion next year. While the government says it needs funding to fight the coronavirus, develop international trade, and fund research, others argue that reducing support abroad will lead to a decrease in the UK’s global standing.

The UK could cut its foreign aid funding to some of the world’s poorest countries by more than half, a leaked report with discussions between Foreign Office officials revealed on Friday.

In that of openDemocracy as « Officially Sensitive » document outlines the details of the talks over the past three weeks. According to cuts, the aid program for Somalia is to be cut by 60% and for South Sudan by 59%.

It also includes cuts of 50% in the Western Balkans and 60% in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). UK assistance to the Sahel is also reduced from £ 340m to £ 23m.

The UK government is accused of « grotesque treason » when full foreign aid cuts were exposed. It’s like they are deliberately focusing on cuts that do the greatest possible harm to the most vulnerable people. Http://t.co/yYpZr3BmG9 pic.twitter.com/YMNMFwRxj2

The report offers potential insights into the magnitude of the cuts contained in the UK government’s efforts to cut aid spending this year. Westminster has announced that it will cut its funding from the statutory target of 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) to 0.5%.

Within two years, the budget is expected to decrease from GBP 15 billion to GBP 10 billion.

« We are still working on what this means for individual programs and decisions have not yet been made, » a spokesman told The Guardian.

While the government is confident the move will be popular with the public , The urge to reduce foreign aid still faces an internal backlash from the Tory.

« Nothing like what is being proposed here should be considered until Parliament has given its explicit approval, which I do rather doubt it will come anytime soon. « 

Earlier this week the government said it would call aid to Yemen » the world’s worst humanitarian crisis « despite the ongoing famine and the UN Reduce the situation by 59%.

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