Ebene Magazine – The seed sown in 2017 .. even after leaving office .. Kiran Bedi who overthrew Narayanasamy government! ta

Ebene Magazine - The seed sown in 2017 .. even after leaving office .. Kiran Bedi who overthrew Narayanasamy government! ta

Puducherry: The main reason for the collapse of the Puducherry government today is something that Kiran Bedi did in 2017. Yes, Narayanasamy has overthrown the government with only 3 nominated MLAs appointed by him. More importantly, Narayanasamy began to act against the government from the time Kiranpedi came. Today his dream has come true after he is gone.

Pondicherry is a different region … mostly it gives more support to the national parties. The Congress in particular is largely in power here … The people have not given the Dravidian parties the power to rule largely here.

The Congress party here has also recently split from it. R. The Congress has been in power alternately. But the Narayanasamy government had internal work from the beginning.

But Narayanasamy managed it and ruled beautifully. The Chief Minister corrected the dream of Namachchivayam and made him a minister and kept it with him. However, he did not have a problem with anyone who thought he was going to have a problem. On the contrary, it was Kiran Bedi, the Deputy Governor, who caused Narayanasamy the most trouble. Dealing with Kiranpedi has become a daily chore for him. Kiran Bedi did not leave him that much. He was not idle either.

A panchayat took place daily. Kiran often fought against Bedi. All these struggles have taken place in the history of Pondicherry. Narayanasamy was the chief minister who waged the greatest struggle against a governor. To that extent Kiran Bedi continued to cause controversy.

It is in this context that Kiran Bedi appointed 3 nominee MLAs in 2017. They are Shankar, Saminathan and Selvaganapathi. All these three are BJP members … which has caused great controversy. The argument arose that although the governor had the power to appoint nominee members, his appointment of members of the same party was morally wrong. But Kiran Bedi did not see it.

Vaithilingam, who was the Speaker at the time, did not accept the appointment. He also refused to swear in them. He also ordered that the monthly salary should not be paid. However, Kiran Bedi administered the oath of office to them.

In this situation, the Puducherry Rajpavan constituency Congress MLA has demanded a ban on the appointment of the Governor. Letsumi Narayanan filed the case in the Chennai High Court. Similarly 3 nominated members seeking to be allowed into the assembly also sued. The session, chaired by then Chief Justice Indira Banerjee, which heard both the cases, ordered that the nominated MLAs go for appointment and that they could go into the assembly.

Only then did these 3 continue to function as MLAs. The court later ruled that they could vote. With these 3 people, they have overthrown the Narayanasamy regime today. That is, the seed sown on Kiran Bedi has grown today and written the conclusion to the Narayanasamy regime. So, it is safe to say that Kiran Bedi’s vows were almost won today, despite not being in office.

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