Ebene Magazine – The « Laguna Beach » star puts an end to costars’ weddings

Ebene Magazine - The "Laguna Beach" star puts an end to costars' weddings

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The bouquet Meghan Markle wore at ST George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle during her wedding to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, of Great Britain

Stephen Colletti has revealed that he has asked two of his engaged co-stars to hold back on getting married.

The 34-year-old former Laguna Beach star, who appears in the new Hulu comedy series « Everyone Is Doing Great, « starring former One Tree Hill co-star James Lafferty and Lafferty’s fiancé Alexandra Park, said he needed his co-stars to focus on their show, not plans for their wedding. Lafferty (35) and Park (31) announced their engagement on Instagram in September. The Lovebirds met in 2015 when Lafferty directed an episode of the second season of the actress’ show, The Royals, according to Us Weekly.

And while the couple is usually knee-deep in wedding planning, this is not the case right now. </ Colletti and Lafferty spent years developing Everyone Is Doing Great, a 10-episode comedy that follows the post-fame lives of Seth Stewart (Colletti) and Jeremy Davis (Lafferty), two former actors of a successful vampire Series, so E.! News.

Colletti and Lafferty wrote and directed the series, and they co-star with Park. Right now, the show is high on their priority list and gets to the heart of the real couple’s wedding planning.

« I gave them strict instructions, » said Colletti of his dedicated co-stars. “You’re not supposed to plan until we’ve finished working on the second season. … We have to get through the first season and then the second season. We have to work on that together, and then we can talk about wedding plans. “

While the future bride E! She has done a « lean » amount of wedding planning. The engaged couple admitted their wedding is now completely on hold as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Colletti has been friends with Lafferty since their One Tree Hill days more than a decade ago, and he’s in the also traveled with him and his fiancée in recent years. In 2018, the actor was even recognized as a photographer for too cute a photo of the couple in Monaco.

Since he’s such a good friend, Park told E! She believes Colletti could play a big role in their wedding – if he then signs off.

When asked by the point of sale whether the couple would ever consider letting their good friend officiate their wedding, Colletti mixed up one and said there was no way.

But Park didn’t rule out the idea, noting that the Laguna Beach alum would make a fabulous officer – even if the role wasn’t planned in advance.

« This one Guy can do anything at the last minute, « she said. « We feel we are in good hands. »

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