Ebene Magazine – The history of the Amur plane crash with one survivor was revealed on the air of the federal TV channel ru

Ebene Magazine - The history of the Amur plane crash with one survivor was revealed on the air of the federal TV channel ru

Ex-Amur woman Larisa Savitskaya appeared on the First TV Channel and told the details of the plane crash in the Amur region, in which she was the only survivor. The incident was the subject of another episode of the TV program « Let Them Talk », released on January 14th.

Recall that the plane crash occurred on August 24, 1981. … Over Zavitinsk, the plane collided with a long-range Tu-16K bomber. The passenger plane lost two wing consoles with fuel tanks and the top of the fuselage – in fact, the roof, and in the fall, the hull itself broke apart. Larisa Savitskaya, who was returning from her honeymoon, was also in it. Only she survived.

– I remember everything, – Larisa Savitskaya admitted. – At some level, this pain that the passengers and pilots experienced is recorded in me. Many did not die immediately, but like me.

She confirmed that she was returning on a fatal plane from her honeymoon. They were together with her husband for two years, married for four months. As they said on the air, at the time of the accident, the girl put her head on her husband’s lap, and this is what saved her from death in the first second of the collision.

– It burned with cold, and the plane was gone – there was a wreck of the plane, – miraculously remembered the surviving woman. – The realization quickly came that I would die. But at some point, fate decided to “laugh at me” – I had a chance, but for this I had to do something. The pilots who were investigating the case calculated that I fell for eight minutes. There was a time to realize that you are going to die, to remember what helped other people to be saved, and to start saving.

In addition to Larisa Savitskaya herself, other interested people told their stories – relatives of the victims, friends of the crew members. The air ambulance doctor, one of the first to see a woman after the disaster, said:

– They called: « They should give you a lift to a woman who was injured in a plane crash. » A young woman, slender, slender, moves on her legs. They began to examine her. Answers the questions correctly, but some kind of lethargy is felt. The legs move, the spine bends, no abrasions, no hematomas.

The filming was also attended by members of the Amur expedition to the crash site, which took place in 2020, and members of the film crew who are working in the Perm Territory on a film about the disaster.

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Ref: https://www.amur.kp.ru



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