Ebene Magazine – The death of the emus near Brooms Head Road leads to council action

Ebene Magazine - The death of the emus near Brooms Head Road leads to council action

Following the death of an emus near Brooms Head Road last week, Clarence Valley Council pledged to raise warning signs in the area.

An adult male coastal emu was born Friday, April 26th February, hit by a car and killed on Tailem Drive.

According to Clarence Valley Council, fewer than 50 people are known to be on the east coast of Australia, which is why they are classified as endangered under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Clarence Valley Council announced this morning that they are working with NSW’s Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment to develop strategies to reduce the risk of this tragic event recurring.

Close to the tailem Drive, additional signage is placed to make drivers aware of the risk of collision and to reduce the driver’s speed.

In addition, the vegetation on the roadside is cut off at this point in order to increase visibility.

In the long term, DPIE is working with landowners along Brooms Head Road as part of the “Saving our Species” program to solve fence problems and further reduce the risk of emus from street attacks.

Please remember to slow down on Brooms Head Road. If you find an injured emu, call WIRES for assistance.


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