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« Gout Temps Nouveau 2 », Shinnosuke Mitsushima as a new MC « I thought it was a surprise »

It has been revealed that actor Shinnosuke Mitsushima has been appointed as the new MC for the talk variety show « Gout Temps Nouveau 2 » (Kantele / every Tuesday at 24:25). Mitsushima said, « When I first learned that Gout Temps Nouveau 2 was inaugurated as an MC, I was surprised …

Shinnosuke Mitsushima ends contract with office, goes to new world

Yumanite, an entertainment agency, announced that it has terminated the management contract for actor Shinnosuke Mitsushima (30 years old). In March of last year, her sister and actress Hikari Mitsushima (33 years old) became independent from the office. Click here for other large images Shinnosuke Mitsushima …

Shinnosuke Mitsushima grows steadily, losing to his sister

Actor Shinnosuke Mitsushima is enthusiastically performing the role of « Obocchama-kun, who has become poor » in the popular Softbank commercial. My sister is an acting actress Hikari Mitsushima and my sister is a model Minami Mitsushima. However, all three came to Tokyo from Okinawa …

Shinnosuke Mitsushima « How to refuse an invitation » Hasekyo & Minami « Eh! »

Minami Tanaka (33 years old), a freelance announcer and actress, will appear on the talk show « Gout Temps Nouveau 2 » (Kansai TV) broadcast on November 17th. He talked about how to write an email that refuses a man’s invitation. In the program, « single man » « …

Takayuki Yamada is 37 years old Shinnosuke Mitsushima congratulates with « The Naked Director » off-shot

Actor Shinnosuke Mitsushima updated his Instagram on the 20th, congratulating Takayuki Yamada on his 37th birthday on the same day. Mitsushima posted « Happy birthday to Mr. Takayuki Yamada! » With Yamada …

Minami Tanaka praised Shinnosuke Mitsushima’s « correspondence to lovers »

There was a scene in which Minami Tanaka, who appeared on Kansai TV’s « Gout Temps Nouveau 2 » broadcast on July 28, praised co-star Shinnosuke Mitsushima. In the program, the performers talk on the theme of « How long do you want to meet & contact your lover? »

Shinnosuke Mitsushima has trouble working at night! The office « hearing the situation » due to poor behavior

Shinnosuke Mitsushima <> Shinnosuke Mitsushima said in an interview with « Weekly Bunshun » released on July 5th. The line between work and private is too much, and one more …

Shinnosuke Mitsushima reveals himself « Danger signal at the hairline »

On the 31st of last month, actor Shinnosuke Mitsushima posted a photo of him taking a shower on his Instagram and commented, « Rainbow Max. » In the photo, a beautiful rainbow hangs along with the shower, but I’m more worried than that …

Shinnosuke Mitsushima becomes a female onnagata with a rainy day « whitewash ». Reputed as « amazing beauty ».

Shinnosuke Mitsushima, a popular actor who is active in various dramas and stages, is also popular for his bright characters. The other day, the variety show « Thanks to everyone at Tonneruzu, » The New Battle for the King Who Dislikes Eating «  » (Fuji TV) has humor …

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