Ebene Magazine – Shahdol – Aged husband hanged after killing wife on character suspicion hi

Ebene Magazine - Shahdol - Aged husband hanged after killing wife on character suspicion hi

Digital Desk Shahdol. In Azad Dafai of Dhanpuri police station area of ​​the district, on suspicion of character, a 65-year-old 58-year-old wife was axed and hanged to death. The bodies of both were found inside the house on Friday morning. According to the police, the old man had written a letter of suspicion of the wife’s character by hanging lime on the floor. According to the police, Gulzar Ahmed, who works in the woodwork, lived with his second wife Habibunnissan in ward number 3 Azad Dafai of Dhanpuri. His daughter is married in the Kachchi locality of the city. The daughter used to talk to the parents on the phone everyday at 9-10 am. Like usual, on Friday morning, the daughter called, but no one received for a long time. When there was some doubt, she asked her husband to go and see. When the husband reached the father-in-law’s house, the door was locked from inside. When seen from the window, Gulzar’s body was hanging on the gallows. Telling the people of the neighborhood, Doyle-100 and local police station were informed. The police reached the spot and broke the door and saw that Gulzar’s body was hanging. His wife’s bloodied body and ax were found nearby. FSL specialist Dr. SP Singh along with the police station also reached the spot. By lime on the floor, Gulzar also wrote the names of some people questioning the character of his wife. Police believe that there was always a dispute between the old husband and wife. The old man was suspicious of his wife. For this reason, he hanged himself after killing his wife.

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