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The power transmission lines and towers market in Germany is slated to grow substantially in the next several years, driven by ongoing efforts by government and regulatory bodies towards development of new smart grid infrastructure across the country. According to the Germany Grid Development Plan, the country aims to achieve the installation of over 6,670 Km of new AC/DC smart grid network by the end of 2030.

In addition to these factors, the widespread adoption of renewable technologies will create a demand for sustainable power generation equipment, providing regional electrical component and systems manufacturers with ample opportunities.

The France power transmission lines and towers market is poised to experience unprecedented growth over the forthcoming years, with ongoing efforts towards improving power transmission efficiency and sustainability. Stringent energy efficiency regulations are driving investments in the development of sustainable grid infrastructure that can effectively transmit high-capacity clean energy for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

As per the ENTSOE 2018 statistics, the net power generation in France was estimated to be around 548.6 TWh, of which renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and hydroelectricity accounted for almost 108.8 TWh.

The constantly rising power demand and ongoing investments in smart grid deployment and renewable power generation will continue to augment Europe power transmission lines and towers market trends. The development of new and refurbishment of existing transmission and distribution networks will boost the technology adoption significantly.

The demand for reliable, sustainable, and uninterrupted power supply across residential and commercial sectors is fueling the expansion of power transmission lines and towers market in Europe. This demand has led to numerous technological advances in grid technology, resulting in the development of various new innovative and cutting-edge power solutions.

In order to meet the burgeoning power demand sustainably and maintain a steady electricity supply, European countries are actively investing in reliable and efficient transmission lines. The regional government and regulatory bodies are also undertaking supportive initiatives towards development of new smart grid networks and refurbishment of the existing transmission and distribution infrastructure.

In 2013, for example, the European Union had introduced a new norm called the TEN-E Regulation (EU) No. 347/2013 for the deployment of new, more powerful and efficient electricity supply infrastructure in European countries. Following are some of the emerging trends bolstering the Europe power transmission liens and towers industry outlook in the coming years.

The need for sustainability in the power and utility sector has created a demand for cleaner power transmission and distribution technologies. Over the past few years, the European region has witnessed increasing deployment of renewable energy infrastructure backed by strict regulatory norms and favorable government initiatives in order to meet electricity requirements in a sustainable manner.

In 2018, the net power generation from renewable sources had reached around 1,300 TWh, constituting nearly 35.5% of the overall energy generation in Europe, according to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSOE).

Currently, ABB Limited, General Electric, Siemens AG, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Nexans, KEC International Limited, Prysmian Group, Sterling and Wilson, and Skipper limited are among the prominent names in the market.

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