Ebene Magazine – Petr Biryukov: City services are ready for the upcoming snowfall ru

Ebene Magazine - Petr Biryukov: City services are ready for the upcoming snowfall ru

City services have been put on high alert due to snowfall, which, according to forecasters, will begin in the metropolitan region on Thursday night, Moscow Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov said.

“In accordance with the weather forecast, on the night of January 14, snowfall is expected, its maximum intensity will fall on the period from 03.00 to 09.00, – noted Pyotr Biryukov. – Snow will be accompanied by an increase in wind up to 15 m / s, in some places a blizzard and snow drifts are possible. roads, the air temperature will drop to -18 degrees. The increase in snow per day can be up to 10 cm. « 

The deputy mayor said that due to unfavorable weather conditions, it was decided to transfer utilities to high alert mode.

« Special equipment has been prepared for deicing and subsequent cleaning of roads and sidewalks, emergency teams of engineering companies and district prefectures are on duty around the clock, power engineers have been instructed to allocate the required number of backup generators, » stressed Pyotr Biryukov.

According to him, before the start of the snow, municipal equipment will begin to carry out a continuous anti-ice treatment of roads, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels, embankments, overpasses, overpasses, steep ascents and descents, braking areas at public transport stops.

After the beginning of the snowfall, the special equipment will go out to carry out a continuous mechanized sweeping of the roadway and sidewalks, which will be accompanied by repeated deicing treatment.

The head of the municipal economy complex said that the necessary amount of rotary and other equipment, small-scale mechanization equipment, janitors, and manual cleaning teams will be used to remove the snow that has fallen.

“Particular attention will be paid to cleaning pedestrian zones, sidewalks, approaches to public transport stops, metro and MCC stations, railway stations and platforms, transport hubs, social facilities, parking lots,” noted Pyotr Biryukov. “Snow will be promptly transported to stationary and mobile snow-alloy items for disposal « .

The deputy mayor urged drivers to be more careful on the road, strictly observe the speed limit and distance, and the townspeople to be more careful on the street, not to hide from bad weather under trees and not to park cars under them.

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