Ebene Magazine – People think the « Masked Singer » bulldog is Michael B. Jordan and why does it make sense?


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If you’ve devoted your Wednesday evenings to something other than season five of The Masked Singer, you’ve missed a lot of the weird. (I don’t want to judge either, but what else can TF do?) So far this season, FOX executives have pushed the definition of « celebrity » to its absolute limit while Nick Cannon has been locked up somewhere. Thanks to the new wildcard round, fans were introduced to even more furry freaks than in previous seasons.

We have already met the orca and the crab, which are against the remaining OG competitors – piglet, clam, robopine, black swan , Russian dolls and chameleon – fought for the title of Masked Singer Champion. Tonight we were introduced to the dazzling bulldog who has a penchant for wearing gold lamé and is really darn big. Who is the mutt behind the mask? Fans have as many theories as Niecy Nash had puns with dogs about what really says something.

Here are the highlights from the hint package that could possibly refer to the D-list celebrity in a dog costume. (Sry, couldn’t help it.)

For its big debut, the Bulldog went with New Edition’s « Candy Girl », and while the vocals weren’t exactly wow-worthy, Fido had def moves.

It is possible that the « B99 » dog collar is a reference to the 99-star Brooklyn star Andy Samberg. The Bulldog also used the catchphrase Saturday Night Live as a reference, and Andy is an SNL alum. But personally, this theory gets a no for me, dawg.

Another SNL alum that may be behind the glittering muzzle: Chris Rock. Chris starred in the soccer comedy The Longest Yard, which had all the soccer clues explained, as well as in the ’90s film Dogma, who could be responsible for the dog costume (because, you know, dog? Dogma?). Yes, I am not convinced either.

The metallic mutt could also be SNL alum Eddie Murphy, who – you may have forgotten – can actually sing. (Do you remember all of the bangers Donkey played in Shrek and its sequels?) But please don’t ask me how all these soccer clues fit in because I have no answer.

Kay, so full disclosure, I was pleased when Robin guessed MBJ, but I admit he could do something. In addition to being crowned Sexiest Man Alive 2020 by People (well deserved, IMO), he also played the Human Torch in the 2015 Fantastic Four. And let’s not forget he starred in Black Panther (the Bulldog said he took over Panther ) and appeared in an Amazon commercial « Alexa » during the Super Bowl 2021. MBJ also started his career on Friday Night Lights (after The Wire). I know what you’re thinking: why would the sexiest man alive ever agree to hop around on TV dressed like an oversized French bulldog standing in the moonlight as a mob boss? Your guess is as good as mine!

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