Ebene Magazine – Panyukov: Pogrebnyak – local Ibrahimovich ru

Ebene Magazine - Panyukov: Pogrebnyak - local Ibrahimovich ru

Fees are boring, boring, but necessary, and for me now they are also a pleasure. I was breathing because of the injury, I missed it. I’m ready to train 3-4 times a day. I enjoy it – however, I want to play as soon as possible, score goals, get emotions from football. I’m waiting on February 20 to play the Cup in Ufa in the cold. I am without irony, really waiting.

Was the pogrebnyak signed because of my injury? I do not know, maybe. It’s the first time I’ve ever had such a thing, usually I avoided all sorts of tears.

Pasha is a very experienced player with such a great career. At 37, he’s fine. Local Ibrahimovic. Runs great, holds all loads. With such an ecology, it would be possible to reach 30, but he plows along with everyone.

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