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In a weekend interview on live television, the Oxford-educated Khan said an increase in rape shows « the consequences in any society where vulgarity increases ».

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Islamabad: Pakistani human rights activists have accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of « confusing ignorance » after the former Playboy cricketer blamed the rise in female rape cases.

In a weekend interview on live television, the in Oxford educated Khan, an increase in rape shows « the consequences in any society where vulgarity increases ».

« This whole Purdah concept is to avoid temptation. Not everyone has the willpower to avoid it » he said, using a term that can refer to modest clothing or gender segregation.

Hundreds have signed a statement posted online on Wednesday calling Khan’s comments « factually inaccurate, insensitive and dangerous » .

« The fault lies solely with the rapist and the system that empowers the rapist, including one he culture promoted by statements like (Khan), « the statement said.

The Pakistani Human Rights Commission, an independent rights watchdog, said Tuesday the comments were » appalled.  » « Not only does this reveal a startling ignorance of where, why, and how rape takes place, but it also blames rape survivors, which the government must know can range from young children to victims of honor crimes, » said it.

Pakistan is a deeply conservative country, where victims of sexual abuse are often viewed with suspicion and criminal complaints are seldom seriously investigated.

Much of the country lives under a « code of honor » that women who « Shaming » the family, violence or murder.

Last year there were nationwide protests when a police chief warned a rape victim at night without a male companion The French-Pakistani mother was attacked on a highway in front of her children after her car ran out of fuel.

Last year, Khan was also criticized after another TV appearance in which he did the Claims by a Muslim cleric that the coronavirus was released because of women’s misconduct has not been questioned.

The recent controversy stems from the organizers of International Women’s Day marches fighting a so-called coordinated disinformation campaign against them, including doctor’s pictures and videos circulated online.

It has led to blasphemy allegations – an extremely sensitive issue in Pakistan, where allegations previously led mobs to attack people.

In his weekend TV appearance, Khan made it Divorce rates in the UK also account for the « sex, drugs and rock and roll » culture that began in the 1970s when d he twice divorced Khan gained a reputation as a playboy in London.

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After reviewing footage of the incident, the referees reportedly concluded that de Kock did not break the law on outfield players deceiving batsmen.

PCB had performed COVID-19 tests on all players and officials four times prior to the tour. One player, Hasan Ali, initially tested positive but later passed three tests.

Misbah-ul-Haq’s three-year coaching contract expires shortly before the T20 World Cup in India later this year.

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