Ebene Magazine – Not a cop: The newest « Masked Singer » shocker « completely changes the game »


Season five of The Masked Singer was hyped as a « groundbreaking season » from the start, with a hint hacking chicken for secret agents (Cluedle Doo, of course) and several surprising wildcard candidates. One of the cornerstones, however, was down to unfortunate circumstances: Host Nick Cannon tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before production started and therefore had to be replaced by Niecy Nash for at least the first four episodes, with no knowledge of when he would be deleted to get back on the set.

Luckily, Niecy, who had previously served as a guest judge on the show, fitted in perfectly. But at the end of the Group B playoffs on Wednesday, it was strange that in yet another game-changing twist, such a new and temporary addition came in as the cast could veto the judges’ votes and decide which candidate will be eliminated – with no explanation for them sudden rule change. In the two years that Nick, who is also the show’s executive producer, hosted The Masked Singer, he never had that supreme authority.

But when Niecy announced she’d decided to go wild -Sending candidate home this week was the bulldog who showed up at the end of the episode to take out New Editions « Candy Girl » in a gold tracksuit, suddenly it all made sense. While the judges suspected that this latest mysterious celebrity might be Andy Samberg, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, or Chris Rock, it turned out that the cosplaying dog was none other than … yep, Nick Cannon, his so far had the greatest and silliest Masked Singer performance.

« I have dedicated my entire performance to you, and you will kick me out? » Nick was joking with Niecy as he removed his gilded dog head. “Niecy, first of all, let me say that I have dedicated my performance to you because you are truly a queen. If during my illness, in a difficult time for me, you can stand up for me and see how you do your thing amazing and shine here, I really thank you. You are a king But you threw me off the damn show! I tried to go all the way, Niecy! « 

Nick then admitted that he » had a new respect for all of our masked crusaders, from season one to all of these people on this stage. I never thought I’d be nervous. My heart was beating fast and so! I said, ‘Yo, I’m nervous about performing in front of my people!’ « But the judges were visibly thrilled to see their colleague on the Masked Singer stage again. » I’m so happy! « shouted Robin Thicke .

And so, the order was restored to The Masked Singer – so to speak. Of course, it’s still the craziest and most unpredictable show on television. But let’s try to predict the identities of the four participants in Group B – one of which may be one is a former New Edition member – who will compete against Group A in the Nick Cannon-hosted Super Eight semi-finals.

Covering a Whitney Houston song is not easy, and I can imagine that it it is even more difficult to cover a song by Whitney Houston in a large bird suit. But the Black Swan delivered the feather-light performance of a real pop diva. « Without a doubt she is a front runner, » said judge Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg. Nicole Scherzinger called this songbird the « whole package » and said she « turn it off with these vocals ».

Notes: The Black Swan announced that she was concerned about her appearance being judged at the beginning of her career and therefore sent anonymous audition tapes without photos. She also mentioned a dear deceased friend who had been a singer. The visual cues included three tens (as in a competitive « tens across the board ») and the words « Montana » and « spot ». Earlier clues included mentions of a child’s fame, a battle against show business power, a complex parental relationship, and a « loyal herd. »

My guess: This is former teen pop star JoJo. All the clues from the past are already lined up, but for this week’s clues, JoJo faced America’s most talented kids once (lost to future American Idol runner-up Diana DeGarmo), was originally approached to play Hannah Montana, and supervised a food porn Instagram account called JoJo’s Sweet Spots. JoJo’s life is clearly calling here.

This little pig’s ode to fleeting youth had brought Jenny to tears, and not just because of the adorable and nostalgic Charlotte Web-themed notice pack that preceded it. This was a really sweet and tender accomplishment. “You just touched my heart. I really hope you win this competition « , enthused Jenny.

Notes: Years ago it was » really grilled « and had a » difficult time « , but then » someone unexpected turned his life around « – » before him to save the heat ”and give it a“ brand new start ”. Now he’s a happy family man. The visual cues included two valued dog tags, the abbreviation “1 DR,” and palm trees. The piglet’s unhappy love life has been referred to several times in previous episodes.

My guess: This must be Nick Lachey’s father of three. I swear Not only does the piglet sound like the former 98 Degrees singer (and the grilling / roasting hints are clear references to this boyband’s fiery name), but the backstory about the woman who changed his fortunes is obviously about his wife, Vanessa Lachey – who Nick met on the set of his What’s Left of Me video after breaking up with his first wife, Jessica Simpson.

Last week’s Wild Card debuted with both heartbreaking and heartbreaking rendition from « Ain’t No Sunshine, » but this week his claws came out as he went into bad boy mode on this funky Rick James jam. And that is his prerogative! He was sure to be the king crab tonight. Robin said he « brought the fire », and Nicole loved his « yummy » and « delicious » singing.

Notes: After his performance, he was so overheated and out of breath that he had to take a break, which was due to it indicates that they may be older and / or have health problems. He announced he was a troublemaker as a child, but learned the value of family by cooking with his mother and is an avid cook to this day (we saw him scooping macaroni and cheese in the kitchen). He’s also a huge fan of Sammy Davis Jr. and the song « Mr. Bojangles, » which is why one of his most prized possessions is a Sammy-style bowler hat. Earlier references have referred to several family tragedies and overnight megastardom.

My guess: this must be Bobby Brown, who not only shot up as a teenager and later dealt with terrible losses (the death of two children and his ex-wife Whitney Houston), but also started a food line and learned to do so has a cook from his mother. He also had a song called « Roni », played a « Mr. Bojangles « tribute to Sammy Davis Jr. and struggled with his health. The crab also sounds just like Bobby … and he sounds great! I think he took another small step towards the circle of winners this week.

Nicole raved that the Dead Prez cover of this laid-back lizard was “perfection” and “sounded like a record,” with “prey just dripping off of it.” Jenny, understandably, proclaimed, “We’re in the presence of a giant, massive stars! « This was definitely one of the coolest, grooviest Masked Singer performances I’ve ever seen.

Notes: He’s the father of a » little chameleon, « a martial arts expert, and a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and hot chicken wings. We also saw clocks, an evasive street sign and a taxi. Last week we saw a lot of fashion / tailor references and a cheese plate.

My guess: The internet has got the chameleon from the first E. pisode as Wiz Khalifa, but apart from the tailor references from last week (Wiz is a member of the « Taylor Gang »), nothing else seemed to turn out for me. But Wiz, who has a young son with Amber Rose who once picked up a Ninja Turtles theme, trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, had a song called « Chicken With Cheese » … and well, taxis are black and yellow. So after this week’s clues, I don’t have to be a wizard to find out that this is actually the « cheese » wiz himself.

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Author Rachel Hollis is dubbed » soundless « for her latest viral TikTok gaffe and labeled « privileged AF ».

JPMorgan says the pandemic will change the way it manages its real estate business, but it will continue to have plans to open a new headquarters in NYC.

Fred Ridley , Chairman of Augusta National, spoke on Wednesday about the challenges and controversies of Georgian law.

Midwin Charles, a noted defense attorney known as a legal analyst for CNN and MSNBC, passed away Tuesday, i bring your family with you. She was 47; No cause of death has been disclosed. « It is with a deeply heavy heart and deepest sadness that we announce the untimely death of our beloved Midwin Charles, » said her family in a statement posted on Charles’ Twitter account. “She was known to many as a television legal commentator, but to us she was a devoted daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and cousin. Our lives are forever changed and we will miss them for a lifetime. “The family thanks you in advance for your love and prayers,” the statement continued. « Please allow time for the family to grieve. » pic.twitter.com/5UnBvYGjSu – Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) April 7, 2021 Also read: Mark Elliott, renowned spokesperson for Disney Movie Trailers, dies aged 81. Charles, a Syracuse University graduate with a law degree from American University, founded Midwin Charles & Associates LLC. She has also contributed to Essence Magazine and has appeared as a commentator on law, pop culture and politics for CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV and TV One, among others. She was a member of the Diversity Council of the Dean of the Washington College of Law at American University and a member of the board of directors of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN). She served on the Civil Rights Committee of the New York City Association of the Bar, lectured at Syracuse University, and wrote for HuffPost. Following the news of her death, Charles’ friends and colleagues expressed shock and sadness and paid tribute to her on social media. “Midwin, dear heart, you were a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul. You have been such a blessing. I’m just stunned and since I found out about it today, « said MSNBC’s Joy Reid. “Blessings to your mother and family. Please live every moment as if it is your last and value your friends excessively. «  » It’s just devastating. Midwin was such a wonderful, brilliant, kind and beautiful soul. Our hearts are broken, « said activist and commentator Marc Lamont Hill. » Midwin was my friend. We did In Session / Court TV together She was a brilliant, beautiful legal person. I will miss her and I pray for her family and especially for her mother who adored and spoke so often. Take a rest, my dear friend, « wrote Sunny Hostin, co-host from “The View.” Also read: Linda Torres, Reality Star ‘Big Ang’, Dies of COVID-19 at 67 « I am stunned and sad to hear the news of the loss of Midwin Charles. My thoughts and Prayers go to her family. May she rest in power, « said CNN commentator Keith Boykin. See some of the tributes to Charles below. Midwin, dear heart, you were a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul. You were such one Blessings, I’m just plain merciless and since I found out about it today. Blessings to your mother and family. Please live each moment like it is your last and value your friends excessively. Https://t.co/2VpH3QKD2s pic.twitter.com/IYZrHPGaUL – Joy-Ann Pro-Democracy & Masks Reid 😷 (@JoyAnnReid) April 7, 2021 This is just devastating. Midwin was such a wonderful, brilliant, kind and beautiful soul. Our hearts are broken. https://t.co/tcAE6C3yJO – Marc Lamont Hill (@marclamonthill) April 7, 2021 Midwin was my friend. We worked together on In Session / Court TV. She was a brilliant, beautiful legal person. I will miss her and I pray for her family and especially for her mother who adored and spoke so often. Rest my dear friend. 🙏🏽 https://t.co/oS60BDC4pV – Sunny Hostin (@sunny) April 7th, 2021 I am stunned and sad to hear the news of the loss of Midwin Charles. My thoughts and prayers go to her family. May she rest in power. 🙏🏾 ❤️ https://t.co/7rZHHzxzfL – Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) April 7, 2021 I am shocked and stunned to learn about the death of legal analyst @MidwinCharles today. Midwin was a brilliant sister. A first-class legal sense. And a sweet woman. We are all saddened by this news. She was just 47 years old. pic.twitter.com/XinxOF2XjQ – rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) April 7th, 2021 I’m devastated! Midwin Charles is someone I am deeply grateful to for their hearts and minds. And she was someone I valued at MSNBC! My heart goes out to her family and we have all lost a sister. #RIJ https://t.co/QOV7se4xne – Maya Wiley (@mayawiley) April 7, 2021 I just heard privately about the loss of my friend Midwin Charles. I am so sorry to share this news. Midwin was a strong, brilliant voice on legal and political issues. She was brilliant and fearless and had the BIGGEST laugh. Thanks for making us better. They did a really good job https://t.co/bygAThXg9q – Pete Dominick (@PeteDominick) April 7, 2021 Read the original story Midwin Charles, CNN and MSNBC Legal Analyst, Dies at 47 At TheWrap

Allowed Women to age naturally? Justine Bateman examines beauty standards in her new book, « FACE: A Square Foot of Skin ».

It was a boon to her bank account that Greene was thrown off her committee assignments and became openly enemies with her colleagues.

The 41- Year old speaks about « suicidal thoughts » and « Stockholm Syndrome » during her time as a Playboy playmate.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un admitted that his country faced the « worst situation ever » when he was during spoke to thousands of members of his ruling party at a major political conference in Pyongyang. Experts say Kim is facing what is perhaps his most difficult moment when it typically approaches a decade. North Korea’s coronavirus lockdown is another shock to an economy devastated by decades of mismanagement and crippling US-led sanctions over its nuclear weapons program. Korea’s Central North Central News Agency said Kim made the comments during an opening speech at a Labor Party cell secretary meeting on Tuesday.

Tami Stronach is working on her return to the world more than 30 years after appearing in the 1984 cult classic Big screen

While wearing face masks, John Colletti has withdrawn more than $ 125,000 from unsuspecting gamblers in Michigan and Kansas.

Yahoo Finance used data from billionaire lists compiled and updated by Bloomberg and Forbes, and charted the richest person in every US state.

By Tuesday, the US had exceeded 556,000 deaths from COVID-19, a staggering number that means an unprecedented number of Americans are experiencing the grief of losing a loved one Goes hand in hand with people.

Health professionals who have spoken to Yahoo News are concerned about what they see as a pandemic of grief that will have implications for mental and physical health for years to come.

The White House confirmed on Tuesday that the Biden administration has no intention of requiring Americans to have records with them to prove their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Diane Keaton: Lockdown-style iconoclast? Last week, images of the Oscar winner wearing an oversized white button-down shirt, snakeskin-look thigh-high heels, and a long silver wig went viral. This look was a costume Keaton wore on the set of Mack & Rita. Apparently it’s a freaky Friday-ish movie in which a 30-year-old woman named Mackenzie is magically transformed into Keaton’s 65-year-old Rita. The outfit drew attention to its boldness (snakeskin high heels – in a pandemic?) As well as the woman who wore it (those legs!). But for Keaton, 75, the look was just the latest entry in a life of epic outfits. She is one of the few women who has managed to maintain and develop a uniform style for decades. In her forty-plus years in public, Keaton’s most stylish character of all time was herself. The Diane Keaton look consists of monochromatic, menswear-inspired tailoring, directional pants, lampshade skirts, chunky boots – and hats galore. In 2019, she started posting selfies on her Instagram feed, accompanied by all-caps captions praising the near-magical powers of certain items of clothing.

Prosecutors have accused Ghislaine Maxwell of making her prison cell « dirty and smelly » by not cleaning them and not flushing her toilet regularly. In a long letter to a judge, they denied the allegations made by Ms. Maxwell’s lawyers that their terms were « appropriate for Hannibal Lecter ». They also denied suggestions that the former celebrity had lost 15 pounds and some of her hair. A claim that she was physically abused during a pat-down search has been investigated and « unfounded, » they added. Audrey Strauss, a New York prosecutor, wrote: « The staff instructed the defendant to clean her cell because it had become very dirty. » Among other things, the staff found that the defendant often did not flush her toilet after using it, what caused the cell to smell. In addition, the defendant had not cleaned her cell in a while. « Ms. Maxwell, 59, pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges and denies grooming girls for sex with Jeffrey Epstein.

Recent CDC missteps left the public health news at a moment that some experts have described as precarious clouded over in the course of the pandemic.

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