Ebene Magazine – New victim of Pfizer vaccine: doctor dies after vaccination in USA ru

Ebene Magazine - New victim of Pfizer vaccine: doctor dies after vaccination in USA ru

Gregory Michael, 56, an obstetrician and gynecologist from Miami Beach, Florida, died after being vaccinated against the Pfizer coronavirus. Reported by the New York Times.

His wife, Heidi Nekelmann, reported that three days after the vaccination, her husband developed small reddish spots, or petechiae, caused by bleeding under the skin of the arms and legs. Recognizing the signs of danger, he went to the emergency room. A blood test showed that the level of platelets required for blood clotting was at zero, and the doctor was admitted to intensive care with a diagnosis of acute immune thrombocytopenia. He died less than two weeks later. At the same time, earlier Michael had no health problems, no allergic reactions, he led an active lifestyle.

Local health authorities are investigating this death. Pfizer has routinely stated that it is also investigating the case, but does not believe that the death was due to vaccinations. But several experts said that this is a consequence of vaccination.

Heidi Nekelmann said she told her husband’s story to let people know about the possible side effects of the vaccine, which « ruined a wonderful life, an ideal family. »

Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood diseases at Johns Hopkins University, noted that death was most likely as a result of certain genetic characteristics of Michael’s body. He believes the vaccine could cause the immune system to mistakenly identify some of its own cells as enemy invaders that must be destroyed. This is very rare, but « it could happen again. » However, he called for continued vaccination despite all the vaccine deaths.

Recently, Pope Francis even declared it an estimated sin to refuse vaccination. Today it is reliably known about deaths during Western vaccine trials in Israel, Norway, USA. The first two countries reported at least two deaths from the vaccine, while the United States reported six. How many there were in reality is unknown. Unsurprisingly, up to half of American doctors are reluctant to get the Pfizer vaccine.

Earlier, several Orthodox hierarchs of Europe abandoned the antikovid vaccine, motivating their decision by the fact that people are offered an insufficiently tested drug for dubious purposes.

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