Ebene Magazine – Nationwide JEE Main 2021 exam starts tomorrow ta

Ebene Magazine - Nationwide JEE Main 2021 exam starts tomorrow ta

Published : 22 Feb 2021 05:48 PM Last Updated : 22 Feb 2021 05:48 PM

Must have passed the Integrated Entrance Test (JEE) to join undergraduate courses at Central Higher Education Institutions like IIT, NIT It will be conducted in 2 phases as JEE First Exam (Main), JEE Main Exam.

Accordingly, this year’s JEE Preliminary Examination will be held from tomorrow (February 23) to the 26th. The JEE Main 2021 exam is scheduled to be held 4 times a year in 13 languages ​​including English, Hindi and Tamil.

The undergraduate course in architecture and the undergraduate course in design will be held in two shifts starting tomorrow. The National Examinations Agency has made heavy security arrangements for this.

The ticket for the exam has also been released. It also includes a self-assurance note about the corona virus. First Exam Feb. It is scheduled to take place until the 26th.

It is followed by the JEE 2021 exam in March, April and May. Only one student can write the exam 4 times. However, only the maximum marks obtained in them will be taken into account.

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