Ebene Magazine – [Movie Ranking] « Kimetsu no Yaiba » 14th time leader, cumulative box office sales exceeded 36.5 billion yen!


In second place, « Gintama THE FINAL », which mobilized 75,000 people on weekends and earned 107 million yen, kept the same ranking. The cumulative total has mobilized 760,000 people and exceeded the box office of 1 billion yen.
As with last week, « Movie Entotsu Machi no Pupel » ranked in 3rd place with 74,700 people mobilized on weekends and 108 million yen at the box office. In the box office, he performed better than the 2nd place « Gintama THE FINAL ». In total, it has mobilized 1.17 million people and exceeded the box office of 1.6 billion yen in the fifth week of its release.
In 4th place, « The Night Beyond the Window », which was made into a movie with the double starring of Masaki Okada and Jun Shison, was ranked in the first appearance of the manga of the same name by Tomoko Yamashita, which has a cumulative circulation of over 1.3 million copies. Due to the announcement of the state of emergency, the theater release was postponed one after another, but I would like to expect a long-lasting performance.
In the existing group, the 5th place « Theatrical version Pocket Monster Coco » in the 5th week of the release has a cumulative mobilization of 1.21 million people, the box office revenue is 1.4 billion yen, and the 6th place « New Interpretation Sangokushi » in the 7th week of the release has a cumulative mobilization of 2.76 million people. The box office revenue of 3.7 billion yen and the 7th place « Promised Neverland » in the 6th week of the public release have exceeded the cumulative mobilization of 1.35 million people and the box office revenue of 1.7 billion yen.
The national movie mobilization ranking from January 23 to January 24 is as follows.
1st place: « Theatrical version » Devil’s Blade « Infinite Train Edition »
2nd place: « Gintama THE FINAL »
3rd place: « Movie Entotsu Machi no Pupel »
4th place: « The outside of the Sankaku window is night »
5th place: « Pokemon the Movie Coco »
6th place: « New Interpretation of the Three Kingdoms »
7th place: « The Promised Neverland »
8th place: « STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 »
9th place: « Natsume Yujincho Ishikake and Suspicious Visitors »
10th place: « New Peninsula Final Stage »




Ref: https://www.crank-in.net




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