Ebene Magazine – Mohan Bagan escaped with a draw against Hyderabad, which was reduced to 10 men ml

Ebene Magazine - Mohan Bagan escaped with a draw against Hyderabad, which was reduced to 10 men ml

Hyderabad skipper Aridan, who scored a goal and an assist, won the Santana Hero of the Match award.

Vasco: Hyderabad FC activated their play-off chances by tying ATK Mohan Bagan, the current number one team in the Indian Super League, with two goals apiece. In the fifth minute, Hyderabad were reduced to ten men. Hyderabad lost the deserved victory. Despite taking the lead twice, the team was unable to win.

For Hyderabad, skipper Aridane Santana and substitute Roland Alberg found the back of the net while Manveer Singh and Pritam Kotal scored for Mohun Bagan.

With this draw, Hyderabad remain in the fourth position and Mohun Bagan in the first position. The two teams were tied even when they clashed in the first quarter. Hyderabad skipper Aridan, who scored a goal and an assist, won the Santana Hero of the Match award.

In the fifth minute of the match, Hyderabad defender Chinkulan Sana was shown a red card and sent off. Sanaa was sent off by the referee for fouling Mohun Bagan’s David Williams. With this, Hyderabad was reduced to ten men in the fifth minute.

But Hyderabad took the lead against Mohan Bagan in the eighth minute despite being reduced to 10 men. Aridane Santana scored for the team. The goal came from an error by the Mohun Bagan defenders.

Terry and goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya failed to accept the minus pass given by Pritam Kottal. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Santana hit the ball into the net. Accompanied by luck, the ball reached the net. With this, Hyderabad took a 1-0 lead in the match. This is Santana’s tenth goal of the season.

After conceding a goal, Mohan Bagan attacked and played. But Hyderabad defended it well. Hyderabad tried to play offensively, even if it was reduced to ten men.

Mohun Bagan attacked to score the equalizer in the second half. But Hyderabad focused more on defense. But the team excelled in counter-attacks. In the 55th minute, Holicharan Nursery of Hyderabad touched the post with a free kick.

However, in the 57th minute, ATK Mohun Bagan scored the equalizer. Manveer Singh scored the equalizer for the team. Manveer, who received a pass from David Williams, hit a huge kick from the right side of the box, which bounced off the post and into the net. This is the player’s fifth goal of the season. This brought the score to 1-1.

Mohan Bagan’s excitement increased tenfold with the goal. With this, the Hyderabad defense sweated. But to Bagan’s shock, Hyderabad once again took the lead. The goal was scored in the 75th minute.

Substitute Roland Alberg scored the second goal for the team. Alberg scored from the first touch as a substitute. Alberg received a pass from skipper Aridane through a Santana header and the ball easily bounced into the net. The score was 2-1. Alberg came to the ground to replace Liston Colossus.

Sandesh Gingan’s injury has given Mohan Bagan more headaches. After conceding another goal, Mohan Bagan became more defensive. Hyderabad focused more on defense. However, Hyderabad lost the match by conceding a goal in injury time.

Preetham Kotal scored the second goal for Mohan Bagan in the third minute of injury time. The goal came from a corner kick. The soft ball received by David Lewis’ kick was lifted into the box. It hit the goalkeeper hard. But the ball landed at Pritam Kotal’s feet. He easily netted the ball to make it 2-2. The match was soon over.

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text: « വാസ്‌കോ: ഇന്ത്യന്‍ സൂപ്പര്‍ ലീഗില്‍ കരുത്തരും നിലവിലെ ഒന്നാം സ്ഥാനക്കാരുമായ .. »,
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