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The city of Miami Beach declared a state of emergency on Saturday because of the spring break crowds that fell on the popular South Florida destination.

During an afternoon press conference, Mayor Dan Gelber announced a 8:00 p.m. South Beach entertainment district curfew. He also said land traffic on the city’s causeways would be closed.

Both measures will be in place for at least 72 hours, the mayor said, while officials discuss the extension of the emergency.

« As As we reach the height of the spring break, we’re just overwhelmed, « said City Manager Raul Aguila.

According to government figures, parts of South Florida continued to be hotspots for Covid-19 transmission. The state has exceeded 2 million coronavirus cases.

Against this backdrop, authorities had to deal with a bevy of students and young people who flocked to the warm shores of Miami Beach.

On Thursday evening, along the famous Ocean Drive of the city, according to NBC South Florida police used pepper balls to end a restaurant brawl.

Citing the crowd, the Clevelander South Beach Hotel said it had temporarily closed its bar and restaurant services. </ p "Recently we have become increasingly concerned about the safety of our dedicated employees and valued customers, as well as the city's ability to maintain a safe environment in the area," the hotel said in a statement.

Police Chief Rick Clements said its officials responded to multiple fighting on South Beach Friday night. According to the boss, tables and chairs were used as spontaneous weapons.

« There are many cheap flights, » said Gelber. « Last month you could get here from Philadelphia, New York or Chicago for $ 50 round-trip. »

Police say a K-9 identified the drugs after Camargo gave them permission to be Search car.

Without warning, hackers have withdrawn every dollar of cash, stocks or bitcoin from accounts connected to Square (SQ )’s popular Cash App, the popular payment platform from Square (SQ), six of their customers told Yahoo Finance / p> Joe Raedle / Getty The city of Miami Beach declared a state of emergency on Saturday when a huge, noisy crowd of spring breakers wreaked havoc on the streets. There is curfew every night from Saturday, and the main roads into the city will be closed from 9 p.m. until 5am, but for a trace. Tourists are not asked to leave the hotel, but rather to stay in their hotels after work. Universities across the country have canceled the usual weeklong spring break, but academic commitments haven’t stopped students from reaching vacation spots, especially in Florida, where coronavirus precautions are more sloppy than other states, 8th and Ocean #SouthBeach pic.twitter .com / yRV4yVSKu0 – Janine Stanwood (@JanineStanwood) March 20, 2021 In the past few days, hundreds of partygoers have become violent and argued with restaurants on the streets. Outdoor dining tables and chairs. A fight that began Thursday night at a restaurant on Ocean Drive, a popular party boulevard, ended with multiple arrests and police countermeasures against the riot, including firing pepperballs at the mob. A 29-year-old Miami Beach resident told The Daily Beast, « During this pandemic, tourists keep ruining everything. » Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said at a press conference on Saturday, « I love that this is a beautiful place is where people come here to gather and enjoy our weather on our beaches. But at the moment it has become too difficult in the tourism industry to continue down this path. « Gelber speculated that spring breakers hit the target city harder than usual because » there are very few places in the country that are open. Spring Break Sends Late Night Miami Club Scene On The Edge The Clevelander Hotel, a well-known Ocean Drive destination, announced on Saturday that it would close its restaurant and bar until March 24 for security reasons, despite it will pay employees’ salaries continuously. « Recently we have become increasingly concerned about the safety of our dedicated employees and valued customers, as well as the city’s ability to maintain a safe environment in the area, » read a statement from Clevelander and how aggressively the police are in enforcing the restrictions remains to be seen. The hotel staff who spoke to The Daily Beast were skeptical that security measures would control the night owls. « It’s going to cause trouble, isn’t it? 8:00 pm It will never happen. It’s just wild, » Patty, a Starlite Hotel clerk on Ocean Drive, told The Daily Beast on Saturday. A 32-year-old Miami resident also scoffed on the emergency measures. « Honestly, the Miami Beach closure means nothing. People will just flock to Brickle and Wynwood. People just have to go, » he said. The tourists have locals staying home for a variety of reasons – the coronavirus, violence, and more mundane issues like traffic jams. « I haven’t seen traffic this bad in years. It’s like ultra traffic, but worse, ”said another resident, referring to the annual electronic music festival. « I’m afraid to walk honestly down the street. » Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories to your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

The former president revealed conversations with Sasha and Malia’s friends about how pop culture affects young men.

Yahoo News spoke to a number of members of the Asian-American community in Atlanta, most of them Women who said they were on high alert after Tuesday’s fatal rampage.

Under the new ordinance, police will block South Beach’s historic Art Deco neighborhood at 8 p.m. and all businesses within the cordoned off area must close, interim city manager Raul Aguila told reporters on Saturday. « When we hit the height of the spring break, we’re just overwhelmed in the entertainment district. » The crackdown comes from the fact that parties flocked to Miami Beach from all over the state and across the country because of the warm weather, famous party scene, and loose COVID-19 restrictions compared to other states.

Sophomore E.J. Liddell posted screenshots of threat messages received after losing the NCAA tournament in the Buckeyes’ first round.

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Georgetown became a trendy choice after his Big East tournament title. Now one can wonder if this four day run was largely a mirage.

Due to the overwhelming amount of spring break, the city of Miami Beach will be imposing a 8:00 p.m. Curfew in the entertainment district of South Beach and blocking of most of the traffic going east, which begins after 9 p.m., starting on Saturday.

The confusing episode about AstraZeneca vaccinations temporarily suspended in Germany and other European countries may have an impact and tarnish the vaccination problem not only for EU citizens, but at least for some Americans.

According to Social Blade, Dobrik lost more than 66 million views on Friday, and possible indicator videos were deleted from his channel.

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& # 39; It& # 39; becomes a tinder& # 39 ;: Miami Beach declares a state of emergency for the entertainment district due to spring breakers
Miami Beach declares spring break Emergency
Miami Beach imposes a 8pm curfew on the spring break crowd to control
Miami Beach imposes curfew on spring breakers, declares a state of emergency
Miami Beach breaks out because of massive crowds, declares state of emergency
The Miami Beach Hotel interrupts the food service amid Covid-19 fears after many people have come to the city
Miami puts earlier curfew after spring break crowds, fights
Spring Break: Party in Miami Beach; South Beach District curfew imposed
Miami Beach imposes 8 p.m. curfew amid the crowds in the spring break, closes 3 main bridges to South Beach
Miami Beach declares a state of emergency, announces crowd control measures

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