Ebene Magazine – Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy reach divorce agreement after months of disagreement ru

Ebene Magazine - Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy reach divorce agreement after months of disagreement ru

Eight months after the divorce was announced, 34-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen and 51-year-old Olivier Sarkozy finally came to an agreement. This was announced yesterday by their lawyers. Details of the deal, which the former spouses concluded yesterday, are still unknown. However, judging by the words of their lawyers, Olsen and Sarkozy managed to reach an agreement without scandals.

The hearing was held remotely. Both spouses attended by video link. When the judge asked if they would mind offering to conclude an agreement and finally divorce, they said no. They will officially file their divorce on January 25.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy have been married for five years. They signed a prenuptial agreement, according to which the former actress and fashion designer will continue to own a fortune of $ 250 million, no matter what happens.

The main stumbling block in the divorce of the spouses was their townhouse in New York worth $ 13.5 million – Mary-Kate and Olivier own it together. Now they have to sell it. In addition, the couple owns a luxury home on Long Island, which is also valued at several million dollars. In the midst of the pandemic, Sarkozy moved his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard and their children there. As a result, Mary-Kate was forced to leave there, because, although she was on good terms with her husband’s former family, she did not want to live with its members under one roof.

The official reason for the separation of the couple is unknown. But it is said that while Mary-Kate was ready for motherhood and wanted to have children, her husband opposed it. At the same time, he did not like that his wife devotes too much time to work and is successfully building her career.

Nattalia611, on the shore it is necessary, but some say whatever the other side wants to hear, just to get what they want. And this pepper clearly shows that he does not need children from her: he has his own, how he briskly transported them with his ex-wife to the still joint house and survived her from there. In general, he does the right thing that divorces, as I think)

julia260290, this is just understandable. Not everyone gives up work because of the birth of children. Almost all of this is combined.
And his attitude is also understandable. He is 51 years old, he already has children. It’s not at all surprising that he doesn’t want children anymore. He obviously did not marry a young man in order to breed a kindergarten at home.

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