Ebene Magazine – Leftists do not want India to move forward, first opposed industries and now are lagging behind agriculture sector hi

Ebene Magazine - Leftists do not want India to move forward, first opposed industries and now are lagging behind agriculture sector hi

The three new agrarian reform laws of the central government are about to liberate the farmers from the tied-up ways and take them to the global stage. But the leftist leaders active in the peasant movement are adopting the principle of ‘My way or highway’ instead of understanding the truth.

Punjab-Haryana farmers who are staging a strike on the Delhi border, adopting the ‘My Way or Highway’ principle, are stubborn enough to not give up even after defeating US President Donald Trump and pushing India’s opposition to every electoral throwback The latter forces EVM to raise doubts. The picketing farmers are insistent that the central government withdraw its three agrarian reform laws, otherwise their strike will continue. The agitating farmers are giving only two options to the government, either their path should be adopted otherwise they will remain closed. The stubborn principle of ‘My way or highway’ is neither in the interest of the democratic system nor of the country. Tomorrow, any organization can stop the ‘highway’ by taking its just and unreasonable demand and forcing the democratic system to run on ‘My Way’. For the success of any movement, its integrity, goals, public interest and means should be ethical, but they are lacking in the current farmer movement.

With the passage of time, it is becoming clear in front of the country that who are the most people who are protesting in the name of farmers. What is their real intention and that is why questions are being raised about the farmers’ movement. If we add a series of events in the country, then a terrible picture comes out. On December 12 last month, a vandalism at the plot of Vistran in Kolar, Karnataka left the entire country stranded. Taiwanese company Vistran manufactures ‘Apple’ products in India. The demolition was first promoted as a dispute between employees and the company, but the incident was different in many ways. Apart from the company, people from outside also joined the protest. The protesters damaged the plant machinery and also looted the phones. After this incident, not only the production of Vistran stopped, but the agreement of Vistran and Apple is also seen to be falling. In the police investigation, the names of the leftist organization Indian Trade Union Congress (INTUC) and the Students Union of Students Federation of India (SFI) are coming out. Countrymen will remember that the Left has committed violence in Japanese company Maruti Suzuki and Honda Company many years before this because Japan is considered to be a tremendous rival of China. During the tenure of the UPA government, a front opened by the Left against Patanjali on the basis of lies and lies is not forgotten by anyone who has emerged as a leading company of indigenous product today.

The activities of the Indian left have been questionable since its birth. Doubt is strengthened when China’s official newspaper ‘Global Times’ not only prominently publishes news of the Vistran violence but also tries to convey the message that multinationals are not safe in India. Due to Corona, many multinationals are desperate to leave China and come to India. Chinese newspaper chief reporter Chingqing Chen makes fun of Foxan Company, which brought its iPhone company from China to India, using the example of Wistron.

Talking about the farmer movement, everyone knows that the productivity of the agricultural sector in India is far behind that of all the major economies of the world. This is the biggest reason for poverty of most farmers. This productivity will not increase unless steps to modernize agriculture are taken. The government cannot do this work alone. Private sector cooperation is necessary in this. If the private sector comes forward to invest in agriculture, then laws will be required for this. The people who are trying to trick farmers in this matter are the same leftists who are seen to be trying to create an atmosphere of instability in India. This is the thinking that trusts everything the government wants and demands. The truth is that all those countries which are ahead in the competition of development, have achieved success by moving on the concept of free market. The farmers of the country should also come forward and adopt the concept of free market.

The three new agrarian reform laws are about to liberate the farmers from the tied-up ways and take them to the global stage. Their opposition means closing opportunities for improvement and development on their own, but the leftist leaders active in the peasant movement are adopting the principle of ‘My way or highway’ rather than understanding the truth. Initially, the hidden forces in this movement were underground but now they are coming to the fore. It was also difficult to call the movement peaceful after the agitation by farmer protesters ahead of the Haryana Chief Minister’s program in Karnal on 10 January. After all, on what basis can the handful of farmers sitting on the dharna say that they represent crores of farmers all over the country? After all, why the farmers of the rest of the country are not coming with the agitators even after putting in full force? Now news has started to be received that maintaining the number of farmers in the movement has become challenging for the farmer leaders. Various types of facilities are being provided to keep the farmers at the front. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait says clearly that he is ready to sit here till May 2024. The agitators are clearly talking about toppling Modi and Haryana’s BJP government at the Center and there BJP supporters have been encouraging the JJP to withdraw support. Not only this, the leftist leader of Baba Lakkha Singh of Nanaksar sect, who is trying to mediate between the farmers and the government, has risen with ration water.

Another tweet from the peculiar glow of the peasant movement is that tweet by alleged farmer leader Yogendra Yadav. In which he has complained that the farmers of Haryana are not participating wholeheartedly in the movement. Farmers are now saying that when the government is ready to discuss and amend the agrarian reform law as per the demand of the agitators, what is the rationale of ‘My way or highway’? Farmers have started to feel that their leaders are turning the garland of ‘I don’t agree or I don’t believe’ to satisfy their ego or at the behest of someone else. ‘Democracy versus mobocracy’ is being discussed after the attack of Trump supporters in the White House of America. If the dictatorship of mobocracy cannot be justified in America, then it is also not acceptable in India, even if it is in the form of peasant movement.

This time the attitude of the Chief Minister of Bihar in the role of younger brother is seen changing from the very beginning. Nitish Kumar, who spoke peacefully while giving his speech, was considered to be the biggest political specialty that he speaks less, speaks Napa-Tula.

The BJP and JDU, the two largest constituents of the NDA that are running the government together in Bihar, have recently been working together for two consecutive days to form a strategy to fight future political battles with their workers and leaders. While Chief Minister Nitish’s party JDU state executive met in the capital Patna, the BJP’s two-day training camp was held in Rajgir. In both places, the leaders of both the parties were seen claiming that the Nitish government would last for a full 5 years and complete its term. But is this really going to happen? Is everything really going well in BJP and JDU alliance in Bihar?

In politics it is generally said that if the end is good, that is, if an electoral victory is achieved and a government is formed, then one should enjoy the pleasure of power without any means but. But Bihar, which has always set new records in Indian politics, seems to be setting a new trend this time too. Assembly elections were held in Bihar, BJP led by Nitish Kumar contested and despite Janata Dal United winning fewer seats, BJP formed government under Nitish Kumar instead of staking claim to the post of Chief Minister. But despite winning the election and forming the government in Bihar, it sometimes seems as if the BJP and JDU are preparing to fight a long battle. It is another matter that the leaders of both the parties do not get tired of publicly saying that the government and the coalition is stable and the Nitish government will complete its term of 5 years.

This time the attitude of the Chief Minister of Bihar in the role of younger brother is seen changing from the very beginning. Nitish Kumar, who spoke peacefully while giving his speech, was considered to be the biggest political specialty that he speaks less, speaks Napa-Tula. Even bitterly bitter words are smilingly speaking in such a way that even the opponents do not understand how they should target Nitish Kumar. But this time in the first session of the assembly, people saw a new Nitish Kumar. At first he kept silent as per his habit but later on the leader of opposition in the assembly, Tejashwi Yadav split. Earlier, in the past 15 years, no one had seen Nitish Kumar while speaking so fiercely in anger. Through his angry temper, Nitish Tejashwi was seen sending more messages to the BJP that he no longer likes to put oil in the lamp and as a result, Chirag Paswan, who describes himself as Hanuman of the BJP, is still on foot.

The main opposition party of Bihar, the Rashtriya Janata Dal, is constantly threatening to topple the Nitish government but it seems Nitish is not much bothered by it. In reality, he seems more in the mood to do a couple of hands with the BJP running the government together. Because the election result has upset the balance of power in the state. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s party has become a smaller party than the JDU ally BJP. Secondly, the internal structure of the BJP has also changed. Sushil Modi, who played the role of an ideal and reliable ally with CM Nitish, has been sent to Delhi by BJP as a Rajya Sabha member. An attempt has been made to surround Nitish from both sides by replacing him with two deputy chief ministers. The situation has become such that now Nitish Kumar has to deal with Bihar in-charge of BJP Bhupendra Yadav. The BJP now wants to play the role of Big Boss in the state but Nitish is not ready to consider him as Big Boss and hence Nitish has been continuously trying to increase his stature since taking oath as Chief Minister of small party.

He first relinquished the post of national president of the party and placed his most trusted aide Rajya Sabha MP RCP Singh on it. By doing this, he tried to establish the protocol that he has the responsibility of running the government as the Chief Minister, but as the national president of JDU, now the responsibility of negotiating with BJP leaders and getting equal rights as an ally, the national president of JDU RCP Singh will play it. That is, if there is a rhetoric against the BJP by the JDU leaders in the coming days, then BJP leaders should not directly contact Nitish Kumar to intervene.

Another feature of Nitish Kumar has been that he has been talking to the media very little. From the Chief Minister’s office to the assembly, journalists were seen flaunting questions, but Nitish smiled and walked away with folded hands. But this time every journalist in Patna is quite surprised by the attitude of Nitish Kumar. Whenever journalists take Nitish’s name with a question, Nitish Kumar stops himself and starts answering. In the meantime, many days were spent when Nitish Kumar answered the questions of journalists 4-5 times in a day. It seems clear that leaving his silence, Nitish is roaming around, talking to the media and answering every question.

Nitish seems to respond to the BJP related questions very quickly. Recently Bhupendra Yadav, BJP national general secretary and Bihar in-charge, met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with BJP leaders. After this, the news appeared in the newspapers quoting BJP leaders that talks with the Chief Minister have been done and the cabinet will be expanded after Makar Sankranti. The Chief Minister comes to the news soon after reading this news in the newspaper, giving a statement to the media that there has been no discussion on cabinet expansion during the meeting with BJP leaders. Openly attacking the BJP, Nitish Kumar also says that the delay in cabinet expansion is due to the BJP because earlier it used to have the entire cabinet in one go. More openly, no chief minister could attack his ally.

Nitish, who has been hurt by LJP, has been openly and sometimes targeting the BJP for this. In the state executive meeting of the party, Nitish called the BJP without even naming him as a stabber in the back and treacherous. Nitish said, he made a mistake that he could not understand who is friend and who is enemy. Earlier, JDU leaders were blaming Chirag Paswan for the defeat of their candidates, but in the meeting many leaders openly targeted the BJP in gestures. It was said that the 72 seats where his candidates lost the election were defeated by chakravyuh. The party admitted that out of this, JDU was winning by a large margin, but they were defeated under a conspiracy by questioning the future of the alliance.

With the attack on the BJP, the hands of Nitish Kumar do not miss to say that the government will run for five years. But the question is arising that how long will the BJP, on whose support Nitish Kumar is sitting as Chief Minister, be able to tolerate his criticism. It is well known that the majority of BJP’s young leaders in Bihar wanted to make their Chief Minister, but as a special strategy, the BJP high command decided that Nitish from JDU despite being a small party, in order to give a right message to the whole country. Kumar should take over as chief minister. But if Nitish Kumar was seen attacking the BJP everywhere in the same manner, JDU leaders openly called the BJP a conspirator, then how long will the BJP be able to tolerate it? Is it not that Nitish Kumar himself wants the BJP to demolish his government so that it will be easy for him to explore other options and his image will not be affected.

Swami Vivekananda, the young ascetic, did not make personal liberation the goal of life. Rather, it was the upliftment of crores of countrymen that made life their goal. He considered the service of the nation and its poor people as true worship of God.

How much Swami Vivekananda ji had imbibed India and Indianism can be understood from this statement of poet Ravindranath Tagore in which he said – « If you want to understand India, then read Swami Vivekananda completely ». Nobel-honored French writer Romain Rolland had said about Swamiji – « It is impossible to imagine him being second, wherever he went, he remained first. Everyone could see their guide and ideal in them. He was the real representative of God and his uniqueness was his uniqueness. Once in the Himalayas, an unknown traveler stopped looking at them and shouted, « Shiva! » It is as if the adorable god of that person has written his name on his forehead. ‘

The childhood of Jnanpipasu and the extremely inquisitive Narendra was being spent in natural learning and acquiring knowledge, but Narendra, the seeker of knowledge and truth, suddenly woke up in his childhood to search for the extreme truth of life and he was distraught to know whether Is there any power like Srishti Niyantra that people call God? This relentless pursuit of truth and supreme knowledge took him to Saint Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa of Dakshineshwar and Paramhans proved to be the true Guru whose meditation and blessing of Narendra calmed the wisdom of Pisa and presented himself as Swami Vivekananda of the whole world. Get

Swami Vivekananda was an age-old man whose Rome was full of patriotism and Indianness. The focus of all his thinking was nation and nationalism. This stunning monk did unique thinking and deeds for the development and upliftment of India. He never directly participated in politics, but the inspiration of his deeds and contemplation led to thousands of activists who devoted their lives to advance the nation’s chariot. This young monk did not make personal liberation the goal of life. Rather, it was the upliftment of crores of countrymen that made life their goal. He considered the service of the nation and its poor people as true worship of God.

Expressing this spirit of service in strong words, he said- ‘Even though I have to be born again and go through many tortures of birth and death, I would like that I can serve the only God who is numerous It is the expansion of souls. He and I live in the poor of all castes, classes and religions, his service is my intention. ‘

The question is, what was the origin of Swami Vivekananda’s sense of service to the nation and its victims? Why did he make nation service his goal more than personal liberation. Inspired by his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Swami Vivekananda started cultivation and attained samadhi during Paramhansa’s lifetime, but Vivekananda had a different destiny towards this nation, so when Swami Vivekananda expressed his desire to remain in a tomb for a long time. So his Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa inspired him towards a great goal and said- ‘I thought that you will become a bright light of life and you are like an ordinary person who wants to drown in personal bliss, you Great things have to be done in the world, you have to generate spiritual consciousness in humanity and you will have to remove the sorrows of the poor.

Swami Vivekananda was overwhelmed by these words of his adoration and was lost forever in his Guru’s words. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa himself was overwhelmed by Vivekananda’s assurance and said in his last moments on his deathbed – « I would love to give up my life after being born twenty thousand times to help such a person. »

When the revered Ramakrishna Paramahamsa left his mortal body in 1886, his 12 young disciples left the world and took up the path of cultivation, but Swami Vivekananda traveled all over India from one corner to the other to serve the poor-Narayan. He saw that the people of the country were surrounded by terrible poverty and then Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s words spontaneously came out of his mouth – « Religion cannot be discussed with a hungry stomach. »

Without believing religion as responsible for all of this, he believed that this misconception (poverty) of the society was not due to religion but because the religion was not organized in the society in the way it should have been. ‘

On 1 May 1879, Swamiji established the Ramakrishna Mission Association to formalize his creative ideas and its methodology was determined as follows:

– To prepare and train such workers, who can become the bearers of knowledge for the material and spiritual welfare of the people of the country.

– To propagate religious ideas among people in such a way that they can become true human beings according to the idea of ​​Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

In fact, Vivekanandji formed two separate organizations, namely Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, although both these institutions had mutual policy cohesion, but their objectives were different but complementary. The Ramakrishna Math was to create a series of dedicated ascetics while the second Ramakrishna Mission was for public service activities. Currently both these institutions have hundreds of centers around the world and these institutions have become world-wide and famous for education, medicine, culture, spirituality and other service projects.

Swami ji, who had given a strong message to the whole world to be the World Guru of India through the Chicago speech, started calling the Western media world as « Cyclonic Hindu ». After the establishment of these great works, Swamiji was able to live only five years and he died tragically at the tender age of forty years, but in this short life, he had executed centuries of life. For this work sacrifice, he had traveled all over India seven times and found that the public had wandered into the dark. He pointed to two great evils prevailing in India – first oppression of women and second exploitation of the poor in the mill of casteist subjects. He saw that once someone was born into a lower caste from the cycle of exportation, there was no hope for his uplift. At that time, people of lower caste could not even pass through the road at that time, which used to come from upper caste people. Seeing this horrific plight of caste system, Swamiji had said in a loud voice – ‘Ah! What kind of religion is this, which cannot take away the sufferings of the poor. ‘

He said that casteism can have no place in the religion that gives water to trees and plants; This discourse is not about religion but of our interests. Swamiji said in a loud voice – « Do not discredit the religion that runs the exploitation cycle under the guise of caste system. » Vivekananda was anxious to build a happy and prosperous India. For this, not only caste discrimination, they fought against every evil. He was in favor of equality in the society and he had deep anger towards those responsible for this. He said- ‘While crores of people are falling victim to poverty, hunger and ignorance, I consider every person who is not paying any attention to them.’

Swami Vivekananda also had more urge in the present socialism concept for equality. He said – « The idea of ​​equality has been the norm for all societies. » Any step taken against birth, caste, gender discrimination or equality on any basis against the entire human race is a terrible mistake and the existence of any caste, nation or society which cannot accept its ideals. Swami Vivekananda had said in a vociferous tone that ‘ignorance, inequality and aspiration are the three evils which are the cause of humanity’s grief and each of these evils is a close friend of another.’

Nowadays, it is often said that governance and administration should be secular and make decisions and decisions in the context of religion, culture and traditions. Here a big Yaksha question emerges that secularism is the name of which bird? Today, the so-called intellectual and progressive class of our country is taking out the meaning of secularism is it right? Are the meanings of the word secularism that have been removed in practice only relevant and appropriate? In this ideological context, the bad currency of economics which is applicable to good currency theory in India is probably being applied in one of our own cultural life in the world due to misuse !! At present, we have to accept the painful fact that in the ideological world of India, the way bad thoughts have outlived or are doing good ideas, then only the light of Swamiji’s thoughts has been made to us in this conspiracy Can get out of the vicious cycle.

The government has already announced the date. Kovishield and Kovaxin faced vaccination trial across the country on 8-9 January. Trial of both vaccines has been completed by the Central Government. Immediately after this, vaccination programs will be organized in different areas of the country.

Everyone wants to get rid of the corona epidemic as soon as the corona vaccine is approved by the government, the countrymen are eagerly waiting for the vaccine. How will vaccination, when will it take place, in which hospitals will vaccination etc. All the questions are echoing in people’s minds. Dr. Ramesh Thakur tried to find answers to all these questions from Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS. Dr. Randeep Guleria gave many important information about vaccination. Some misconceptions about vaccines have also arisen from them. Here is the main part of Dr. Ramesh Thakur’s conversation with Dr. Randeep Gularia.

Question- There are many types of questions among people regarding vaccination. Like when and how will the vaccine take place?

Answer – The government has already announced the date. Kovishield and Kovaxin faced vaccination trial across the country on 8-9 January. Trial of both vaccines has been completed by the Central Government. Immediately after this, vaccination programs will be organized in different areas of the country. Both the Drug Controller General of India and Biotech have been successful in their trials. Now there is no dilemma, after a few days of government procedures the vaccine will be released to the public. People do not have to worry much, the government will tell the entire program, keep following it.

Answer – Be normal, not much after getting the vaccine, take rest for a few hours. If you feel any problem, inform the medical staff at the same vaccine center without delay. Well, there is no need to fear, because the vaccine has been approved after the Drug Controller General of India has studied its safety and effectiveness. Standard protocols have been followed to approve the vaccine.

Question- How has the government prepared a blueprint for who will be given the vaccine first?

Answer – Vaccine will be given to everyone. I hope the Central Government will make a similar program. According to the information I have received so far, first health workers, paramedical staff and frontline health workers will be vaccinated. After this, the elderly or above 50 years of age corona patients will be vaccinated. A vaccine unit has also been installed in AIIMS. The people of Delhi will be given vaccines in it. Like polio, vaccination will be done on the basis of public awareness.

Answer- Yes, they will also be given vaccines. Because there have been many such cases, which happened again after being corona. They will also be given the vaccine and they will also have to complete the schedule. Taking the vaccine will help you develop a better immune system. Patients who eat cancer, sugar and hypertension can also get vaccinated. Such people fall into the highrisk group. The vaccine will not have a bad effect on people eating medicines of other diseases.

Answer – Yes. I told you earlier also. To fight corona, we have to fight like polio. Right now Corona’s emphasis is somewhat mild, yet we have to be cautious. At present, the government will take this decision after the first-second stage of the vaccine, given the availability of the vaccine. If the vaccine falls short, an order will be placed to make more. Both vaccine manufacturers are ready for this. Corona virus vaccine vaccine is voluntary. However, it is advisable to complete the schedule of the corona virus vaccine.

Answer – We have to pay special attention to this subject. See, the vaccine will consist mainly of two doses. You will need to take 28 days after the first take. It will be mandatory to get both vaccinations. Otherwise, there will be no effect. Because two weeks after taking the second dose of corona virus, the body usually develops protective antibodies. Therefore, it will be necessary to complete the schedule after getting vaccinated for one vaccine.

Answer – No such news has become authentic. By the way, the corona vaccine will not have side effects. Even if this happens, there will be other reasons. Crocin, a tablet usually taken in fever, also causes side effects. Fever and mild pain starts in the body. Nevertheless, the central government has asked the state governments to be vigilant to deal with such situations. By the way, the drug regulator tested the clinical data of the vaccine and after an in-depth study, the company was approved for emergency use.

Answer – Initially the vaccine will be given to the target groups. People will get appropriate messages in their phones, through which they will be provided information about the vaccine center and time. But this process will be through registration. Your registration has to be done at the center first. Vaccination will not be done without registration. Corona patients admitted to hospitals will be provided with the vaccine from the hospital itself. Common people will have to show driving license, health insurance smart card, PAN card, pass book, passport, service ID card or voter card for the vaccine. Those who do not have these papers will be verified. The information from the government will be available on the phone through SMS. A QR code will be given, which has to be shown at the vaccine center. Because the vaccine will be Axis by that code.

Answer: You are probably talking about minorities. See, he also protested during polio. He eventually adopted and also reaped the benefits. Some politicians have also raised objections. Do not understand that people start finding politics even in medicine. The vaccine is completely safe. Get all installed and get rid of the corona.

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