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Internet Desk: Former RBI Governor and economist Raghuram Rajan has said that India’s lack of leadership, lack of foresight and rising cases of rapid satisfaction are examples. He made the remarks on Tuesday, speaking to leading English magazine Bloomberg.

« If we are vigilant, if we are careful, we must realize that this is not what is happening now. If anyone focused on what happened in the rest of the world it would be obvious. Take Brazil, for example, where the virus has doubled its spread. In the past we thought we had conquered the virus. We re-opened the whole economy, deluded that the virus had become resistant. That kind of delusion is now a threat.  » Raghuram Rajan also said that it was too late to make the vaccines available as no one felt that there was enough time when the first wave was conquered.

Speaking on RBI, Rajan said, « We have to adopt an accommodative strategy as much as possible. It stands in support of a stressed economy. Doubts have been raised over the Indian economy. RBI has huge foreign exchange reserves without any problem for foreign investors.

Lockdown in many states! [10:23] At a time when the demands for a tight lockdown across the country to thwart the second phase of corona extraction are increasing day by day .. already most part of India has slipped into such an environment for different times ..

Corona: 3.82 lakh new cases in India [10:11] Corona epidemic continues in the country. It is a matter of concern that over 3.5 lakh cases and over 3500 deaths have been reported on a daily basis in the last few days.

Corona death toll in Maharashtra! [02:18] Corona merger continues in Maharashtra. Strict sanctions do not stop the spread of the virus. Although the latest new cases have decreased slightly .. deaths

[02:15] The day after the Assembly election results came out, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his deep concern over the escalation of violence in West Bengal, state Governor Jagdeep Dhankar said.

Vayasena Kovid Hospital in Bangalore [02:20] Three Indian forces enter the field to fight Kovid. While the army is already involved in various relief operations .. the latest is the Air Force

Kovid‌ hindered first quarter growth
The second phase of corona expansion in India, due to lockdowns, had an impact on economic activity in April. UBS, an international brokerage firm, predicts that this could hurt first-quarter GDP to some extent. The UBS India Activity Indicator, which measures real-time financial activity, fell 7 percentage points to 95 last month. In March 2020 the whole country was in lockdown

The answer to Kovid‌-19 is Kovagjin‌
What is the disease and how to deal with it? At a time when the whole world is in a state of deep anxiety and disorientation .. our scientists with private-government partnership, the vaccine against the epidemic

‘Floral’ loud
Decreasing lya says ‘flower’. He continues his thrust on YouTube. The video released introducing the character of Pushparaj has garnered over 60 million views. After ‘Arya’ and ‘Arya 2’, Sukumar is releasing ‘Pushpa’ as Allu Arjun’s hero. Rashmi is the heroine.

Elegant vilinism
The new generation of heroines are very eager to compete with the challenging characters. The heels are not just entertaining .. They are cultivating vilanijan from the word of those beauties whenever possible. Fearless Sivangulla hits the hero and sparkles with their vilinism on the silver screen. E

Tractor overturns in a fishing pond
All of them were poor women … who used to go to work on the farm to support their families .. even on Tuesdays shortly after leaving for watermelon harvesting ..

Massive fire in Thirumala
A huge fire broke out in the shopping complex in Titiday Court Mandapam Cellar in Thirumala on Tuesday morning. According to the police, the fire broke out at 6.30 am due to an electrical short circuit in the shop complex. With the information of the locals, the fire department and Titiday security personnel came and brought the fire under control. Ten shops were completely burnt down in the accident and another ten were partially burnt down.

Khel Khatam
Is out. This year’s IPL‌ story is half over. The whole story changed on the second day of the corona turmoil in the league going smoothly. Partially stop the IPL …

BCCI loses Rs 2,200 crore
The BCCI will suffer a huge loss with the indefinite postponement of the IPL. The damage is estimated at around Rs 2,200 crore. « With the partial postponement of the IPL, we have raised Rs 2,000 crore.

Unopened Bengal‌
Violence continues in West Bengal. A Trinamool Congress panchayat member was arrested on Monday in East Bardhaman district ….

The idea of ​​writing a letter to the presidency on the yards
It is learned that the people’s representatives of Karimnagar joint district are planning to write a letter to the apex court for disciplinary action against Itala Rajender, who is deeply critical of the Chief Minister and Teresa President KCR. District ministers Koppula Ishwar, Gangula Kamalakar, Planning Commission vice-president Vinod Kumar, MP Venkatesh Netakani and MLAs met at Telangana Bhavan on Tuesday. It is learned that on this occasion they discussed the attitude of the Yates. In addition to the charges against him, he made harsh remarks against the CM and the government and for anti-party activities

Survey overnight?
It took me two days to survey the 18 acres of land I know of. Here’s how the 121 acres were completed overnight. It looks like the officers sat in the car and reported back around the ground. Who actually complained? When was the complaint made? When did you go to trial? It’s surprising that a collector can take action overnight without giving any notice and go to work before brushing his teeth in the morning.  »

Crushing hospitals
Bhadradri Satyanarayana Kovid, a farmer from Charla area of ​​Kottagudem district, was brought to Hyderabad by his family members for better treatment. At a private hospital in Madinaguda

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