Ebene Magazine – Kevin McCarthy lived in Frank Luntz’s apartment amid COVID: report


Kevin McCarthy, minority chairman of the House of Representatives, has lived in GOP pollster Frank Luntz’s apartment since the pandemic began, according to the pandemic began.

The reveal was first published in Fox News’ « Tucker Carlson Tonight » which aired a segment Monday night making the claim, including a written statement from McCarthy’s spokesman confirming that the GOP leader had indeed « rented a room in Washington on a fair market » from Frank Price . « 

It’s not clear what price McCarthy (R-Calif.) Luntz is paying for the crash in his apartment.

Luntz owns four apartments in the fashionable Penn Quarter building, all of which are on the penthouse He carried out a major renovation to convert the four smaller units into a larger one.

The GOP Leader representatives did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment. Neither did Luntz.

Luntz is a well-known pollster and GOP strategist known for conducting focus groups to track responses to major political events, from presidential debates to hesitant COVID-19 vaccines.

The 59-year-old strategist came last Week of Carlson in his eponymous show about some of the corporate clients he now represents as the founder of Luntz Global, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company, Delta Air Lines and more.

V Many of these companies have chosen to enter the political arena and “woke up” to heated issues.

Luntz said in January this year that he no longer identified himself as a Republican after serving in the years after President Donald Trump had taken the helm of the party when GOP critics surfaced.

Carlson asked how Luntz, who also contributes to Fox News, « could have so much influence on the Republican Party despite leaving the party. »

« Why [Republicans] hear someone like Frank Luntz and not their own voters?  » Carlson asked, repeatedly expressing concern that Luntz had « an overwhelming influence » on GOP policymaking.

When asked Tuesday morning about the housing arrangement for « Fox & Friends », McCarthy laughed at any suggestion that the arrangement caused a conflict of interest and found that he has since been back in his office.

« I didn’t know how controversial this was. Frank has been a friend of mine for over 30 years. I met him with Newt Gingrich when they were working on the contract with America, » he said, referring to himself to the Republican leadership of the 1990s trying to take back the House of Representatives.

« You know, when the Democrats took over, they started moving houses, so I have a room with Frank for a few months rented, « he continued, not mentioning the changes that were made to the Capitol that forced him to no longer stay there.

McCarthy then said he intended to go back to » my couch in my office  » California legislature continued to press on the matter, specifically whether it was inappropriate for the top Republican in the House to hire from such a prominent political figure, and said no.

« Well, Frank is not a lobbyist, « replied McCarth y. « Frank is a friend I knew 15 years before I got into [politics]. »

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