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In the global epidemic Corona period, the Sangh volunteers are making a resolution of « Where there we are ». « Free food is being provided in hospitals in view of the problems of the families of patients from far away areas with corona, even before this corona period many service projects have been going on by the association, even the kind of society Will have to serve our volunteers ”- Dilip (Provincial Campaigner, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Jharkhand Province)

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Services Department, Dhanbad Metropolis should make free food arrangements for families living with patients from far and wide in large and major hospitals of Dhanbad (Sadar Hospital, Shaheed Nirmal Mahato Medical College Hospital, Jalan) from today. She is This decision has been taken immediately in view of the inconvenience of their family members accompanying the patients around the hospital. Due to the closure of many big and big hotels on Corona, people who are staying with the patients are suffering a lot of inconvenience. Feeding arrangements will also be available for rickshaw drivers and very helpless people who are from any work in the hospital premises.

As we know from the past, arrangements have been made for the distribution of food and medicines for the area falling in the area of ​​Dhanbad metropolis, i.e., Municipal Corporation (55 wards). In this, such corona positive persons who are unable are being given food on a call and the medicine is given on the basis of the prescription of Dr.

The arrangement of getting food and medicine in its place is only for Corona positive people or who are isolated at their home and there is no one to see them or the families whose heads earn by living outside and to help the family members in their home. Not gonna. They have to send the relevant worker a document certifying the address along with proof of Corona positive and address on their WhatsApp or they are getting this arrangement only when they get the correct information of the helpless during the Corona period. If people are able, then medicine is being charged for them, this system is free for the disabled and online medical consultation has also been arranged, in which the patient is being introduced to the doctor through Google Meet. All doctors are scheduled.

A decoction center has been set up at some places where the method of preparing the decoction along with the decoction is being told, a video of this method has also been released in the public interest. Such people who were corona positive, are fine now, they are also being requested to give plasma. Those who are willing to give plasma are also making contact. In order to conduct all these works, Dhanbad metropolis has been divided into 13 towns and then below these cities a total of 55 wards in 106 habitations.

Two volunteers from each colony – two such volunteers, 212 volunteers, city convenor, co-convenor 26, distributor 30, consultants 26, consultants 15, data handling 15 on WhatsApp, 5 on website, 26 at brew center, 9 in helpline , The core committee at the metropolitan level had the participation of 360 volunteers, including 11 such schools in which the number of volunteers distributing food in hospitals increased to 24 more from today, taking the total to 384.

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