Ebene Magazine – Jaya Ekadashi: Take these measures to get rid of debt and happiness hi

Ebene Magazine - Jaya Ekadashi: Take these measures to get rid of debt and happiness hi

In Hinduism, there are 24 Ekadashi throughout the year and 2 in a month. Ekadashi of the bright side of Magh month is called ‘Jaya Ekadashi’. This year it will come on Tuesday, 23 February. It is believed that by worshiping and fasting Srihari on this day, auspicious results are obtained. Along with taking some measures related to astrology and vastu, with the getting rid of debt, happiness and prosperity comes. So let’s know about some remedies …

Having negative energy present in the house creates an atmosphere of fighting. In such a situation, there is tension due to the estrangement among the family members. To avoid this, light a lamp of cow’s ghee in front of the basil plant in the evening of Jaya Ekadashi. Then worshiping Tulsi Mata and chanting « Om Vasudevaya Namah »: Take 11 circumambulation of her. This will bring positive energy in the home. Along with the unity of the family members, happiness will come.

Worship Lord Vishnu with rituals in the morning of Ekadashi to get the infinite grace of Goddess Lakshmi. Then light a lamp with nine lights at night and place it in front of Srihari. Light another lamp like this overnight. With this, Lakshmi Narayan will have immense grace on you. Money will stay away due to financial problems going on in life. The economic situation will be strengthened by the creation of new sources of income.

On this auspicious day, take a bath in the morning and worship Lord Vishnu with rituals. Then chant the mantra « Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaye » with a Tulsi rosary. With this, the troubles of life will be removed and there will be a place of happiness and prosperity in the house.

If you are troubled by debt, then you can take measures on this auspicious day. For this, fill water in a pot and add a little sugar. Then offer this water to the peepal tree. In the evening, lit a lamp of desi ghee near the Peepal tree and pray Sri Sri for your wishes. Lord Vishnu’s abode in this tree will get his special grace. In such a situation, getting rid of debt opens the way for progress. Also, new sources of income are created by strengthening the economic situation.

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