Ebene Magazine – January 26: International Day of Customs, the day of the beginning of the « red terror » in Kiev – Korabelov.INFO ru

Ebene Magazine - January 26: International Day of Customs, the day of the beginning of the "red terror" in Kiev - Korabelov.INFO ru

January 26 is popularly called Ermilov’s day – it got its name in honor of the church date established in memory of the martyrs Yermil and Stratonikos of Sinigidon (Belgrade), who lived in 3-4 centuries.

This day, due to the cold weather, was supposed to be spent at home. People said: « Erema on the stove – overcome the disease and no more pain. »

On Erema (Yermila), they advised to watch especially closely the cat living in the house. It’s no secret that the weather can be predicted by the behavior of this animal. We still know that if a cat curls up into a ball and hides its muzzle, it means that we need to wait for frost. However, earlier popular forecasts were more varied. For example, they said: “If a cat rolls on the floorboards, it’s warm knocking on the house; if the wall breaks – bad weather at the gate. « 

You could ask a cat for a cure for diseases. In the event of an incomprehensible ailment, the old people advised to observe where the animal most often lays down, « to stand in this place and not leave it longer. » Cats were generally revered. It was believed that if someone killed this animal, he would not be happy to see for seven years.

However, there were also more prosaic omens. So, a foggy circle for about a month on Ermilin day foreshadowed a blizzard.

On January 26, 1993, Law No. 2939-XII « On the State Control and Auditing Service in Ukraine » was signed. Since then, on January 26, the country celebrates a professional holiday – the Day of the employee of the control and audit service of Ukraine.

The Control and Auditing Service became part of the system of state executive authorities of Ukraine, and its functions were determined: conducting audits and inspections of financial activities, the state of safety of funds and material assets, the reliability of accounting and reporting, as well as auditing and checking the completeness of posting, correct spending and the safety of foreign exchange funds in ministries and other executive bodies, in state funds, in budgetary institutions, at enterprises, in institutions and organizations that receive funds from the budget and from state foreign exchange funds.

The main task of the state control and auditing service is « the implementation of state financial control over the use and safety of state financial resources … and over the observance of legislation at all stages of the budget process. »
In December 2010, according to the Decree of the President of the country « On Optimizing the System of Central Executive Bodies », the Control and Auditing Service was reorganized into the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine, which in 2015 was reorganized into the State Audit Service.

On their professional holiday, employees of this public service not only receive congratulations from the management and colleagues at festive events, but also sum up the results of their work.

Every year on January 26, the world celebrates International Customs Day – a professional holiday of all employees of the customs services of the planet.

In November 1952, the Convention establishing the Customs Cooperation Council entered into force. On January 26, 1953, the first session of the Customs Cooperation Council took place in Brussels, which in 1994 received its current name – the World Customs Organization, WCO. The heads of their customs services from 17 European countries were represented there. 30 years later, in 1983, it was this day that was chosen as the annual holiday of the International Customs Day. The ideas of the customs community received a great response.

International Day of Customs is an occasion not only for the manifestation of international solidarity of customs services around the world, summing up the results of the year and drawing up plans for the upcoming one, but also for drawing public attention to the importance of the role of customs in the economic and social development of society. This is reported by the Calendar of Events.

In 1788, the first ship with prisoners from Great Britain landed on the shores of Australia. They founded the city of Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia.

In 1918, Russian Bolshevik troops, led by Mikhail Muravyov, captured Kiev after the assault. The « red terror » began in the city, which lasted three days.

In 1934, a non-aggression agreement was signed between the Third Reich and Poland, which the Nazis crossed out after just over five years, invading the Polish state on September 1, 1939.

In 1972, the JAT-Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 crashed on flight 367 on the Stockholm-Copenhagen-Zagreb-Belgrade route. The plane exploded in the air as a result of a terrorist attack. There were 28 people on board. One of them survived despite falling without a parachute from a height of 10,160 meters. 22-year-old flight attendant Vesna Vulovich was so incredibly lucky.

And in 2001, a devastating earthquake struck the Indian state of Gujarat. As a result, more than 20 thousand people died.

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