Ebene Magazine – Jan Sewak rally in Belgaum – 4 lakh people protest kn

Ebene Magazine - Jan Sewak rally in Belgaum - 4 lakh people protest kn

Belgaum: Union Home Minister Amit Shah arrives in Belgaum today Plans are afoot to launch more than 300,000 people in the wake of the Janasevana Convention today.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah will arrive in Kundanagari Belgaum. BJP’s Jana Sevaka Convention will be held in Belgaum. For this, Ramesh Zarakiholi has put on three to four lakhs for the success of the conference. In the early hours of the morning, he arranged for the conference.

Around 10 am, they arrive at the Sambra airport in Belgaum and head straight to Bagalkot. Amit Shah, who will be arriving in Begawai later in the afternoon, will be participating in the closing ceremony of the Janasevana Convention at Belgaum District Stadium at 3 pm. Later in the evening, the late Suresh will visit the residence of Suresh Storey and condole his family. At about seven o’clock in the evening, they will meet in a private hotel in Belgaum to discuss current political developments with state leaders.

Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarakiholi visited the Belgaum district stadium where the Janasevana conference was to be held. He added that three to four lakhs of workers will be participating in the event.

The Corona Rules for Adults?
Most of the BJP leaders, who add three to four lakh workers, are opposed to this. Why is Kovid adding so much amnesia to anxiety? They are questioning whether the Corona guidelines do not apply to the program. The BJP’s Janata Janak Convention is not canceled or the Kovid roadmap should be withdrawn. RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad has written to the chief secretary of the state government saying that the public interest would be filed in the high court against the government.

Temple entry, fair as can be cited The Savadatti Yallamma Temple Band has been in the last 10 months and has spent millions of rupees for Kovid control. The general public who is not wearing a mask is being fined, the BJP said in a four-point convention on Jan. 17, questioning whether it was a law for politicians and a law for the masses. Lots of people, including the general public, are demanding the cancellation of the CWC Guidelines or the repeal of the CWC Guidelines.

Gokak Sahukar Ramesh Zarakiholi has been the frontrunner for Amit Shah’s power show, adding a large number of people. However, BJP leaders have said that if the coronation of Mahariya Coronation is needed, more people need to convene. It is also not true that the public is questioning a common political leader for a justice.

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BJP Union Home Minister Amit Shah visits Bagalkot, Belgaum today ..!


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