Ebene Magazine – Jaggesh outrage over conduct of Darshan fan, private media kn

Ebene Magazine - Jaggesh outrage over conduct of Darshan fan, private media kn

Bangalore, Feb 23 (IANS) Actor Jaggesh, angered at the Mysore district and his disgrace at a private media outlet, has expressed his displeasure over the incident. Jaggesh, however, said via Twitter that the 58-year-old had insulted me as a private media outlet in an attempt to instigate rowdyism.

“More than 20 furious people came in the name of Darshan Fans and spoke about my caste. What could I have done in such a case? Didn’t run away though. How much better to say that a private channel has flown the occasion? ” If the crow flies, it could find a place in politics. But I’m not in the mood to lick anybody’s shoes. ”

“Dr. After the death of Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Ambarish, Kannada self-esteem has deteriorated. I, Shivraj Kumar, and Ramesh are staying in the film industry. « Do not relish it. I’ve been working for the film industry for tens of years. No actor or his fans can teach me. Says Raiyar.

Talking about the film industry, the atmosphere is not as good as it was in the past. It is the work of oppressing the rest that one must grow. Don’t be tempted. At one time I was paying tribute to the media who raised me. But the ongoing growth leads to disaster. There is also a 112 fan club in my name. He told me that no one has requested me to speak openly about Gharev.

Before that, ‘Dear me, I am here for you! I no longer have someone in my industry, birthday, cinema, friendship, show, visit, gossip. Next live my cinema, my Zee TV Show exclusive. The reason is that our theater. Jaggesh tweeted, « Ranga is the realm of the men of Hunnara who are humiliated and grown old while they are alive. » Jaggesh, who was involved in the shooting on Monday, February 22, was taken into custody by Darshan fans. After the incident, Jaggesh responded by tweeting. He has decided not to have a birthday, cinema, friendship, meet, gossip or show with anyone in the film industry. Jaggesh fans have expressed frustration that the news about Jaggesh has not been aired on some news channels. He replied, ‘Gold is too much for the page. This is an insult. Yet the same humiliation has stuck in the heart of 6 crores. That alone is enough. My thanks to them too, ”Jaggesh said.

Lok Darshana is the first daily newspaper of Belgaum city. Beginning in 1956 as a « darshan » weekly and later in 1963, it was transformed into a daily newspaper.

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