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Hindi News »Aud News» The girl reached the hospital complaining of abdominal pain, seeing the CT scan report, the doctor’s senses flew

Doctors in the country’s capital have made a very difficult operation successful. Actually, a girl reached the doctor complaining of stomach ache. Actually, the size of the girl’s stomach was also increasing. Due to this, the girl also started having difficulty in breathing. After which the girl’s family took her to Sir Gangaram Hospital. Where the doctor told that the girl has two football shaped tumors in her stomach and due to that she is facing many problems.

The doctor, who is treating the girl, said that she noticed that her stomach is quite crooked, besides that the stomach seemed more full than usual, everyone was surprised to see this. In such a situation, the question was that there was no swelling in the stomach. It was decided to do a CT scan to check it and it was found out that the girl has a large tumor in her stomach which is almost equal to two footballs in size. When it was found in the report that the girl has a tumor as big as a football in her stomach, it was decided to remove her through surgery.

After which the doctors performed a successful operation of the girl. The doctor who performed this operation said that the tumor size was so large that it could be removed only through surgery. For this, information was given to the parents of the patient and after complete preparation successful surgery was done on 25 March. Let us tell you that a few days ago, one and a half year old child swallowed 65 pills of magnet during play.

Doctors had to undergo a long operation of about 5 hours to get these pills out of the baby’s stomach. The doctors took out all the pills in this operation. The child is now being told completely fine. The child was constantly complaining of vomiting and dehydration. Seeing this problem of the child, the doctors got X-rays done. In the X-ray, the doctors saw something like a garland in the stomach.

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