Ebene Magazine – Germany handed over to Russia the protocols of Navalny’s interrogation: what was kept secret ru

Ebene Magazine - Germany handed over to Russia the protocols of Navalny's interrogation: what was kept secret ru

Germany nevertheless handed over to Russia the interrogation protocols of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Moscow put forward such a demand four times. However, medical information was not shared with the Russian side – at the request of the oppositionist himself.

The federal government proceeds from the premise that the Russian government must now immediately take all necessary measures to investigate the crime against Navalny. This crime must be investigated in Russia, – an official from the Berlin prosecutor’s office told the media.

The prosecutor’s office is confident that now Russia has all the necessary evidence to start criminal proceedings on the poisoning of Navalny. He has already been interrogated in Germany as an injured party and he answered all the questions in detail. Their list was transferred from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia.

Only specialists from the Charite clinic, where the oppositionist was treated, were not interrogated. After all, doctors are required to observe medical confidentiality. And Navalny himself did not want to disseminate information of a medical nature.

Note that earlier the oppositionist announced his intention to return to Russia. He plans to do this on January 17th. In Russia, the politician is threatened to be detained, because he was on probation. Since his whereabouts were allegedly unknown in the fall, the oppositionist’s law enforcement officers can detain him.

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