Ebene Magazine – Ex- « Daesh Propaganda Tool » copies Shamima Begum and chooses a western makeover to defend their case


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Shamima Begum, who fled the UK as a teen to marry a jihadist soldier in 2015, recently gave up her traditional Islamic garb in a Syrian detention center, waiting for lawyers to challenge her decision to denature her. Transformation ‘through women like her is more than a’ sympathy trick ‘.

A former Daesh * bride has apparently followed in the footsteps of the infamous Shamima Begum and opted for a dramatic overhaul in a Kurdish-run prison camp in Syria.

Begum left school at the age of 15, to travel through Turkey to Syria and join the terrorist organization Daesh * (ISIS) in 2015.

She was found by journalists in a Syrian camp in February 2019 and has since been wearing her chador dress and black hijab for skinny jeans and put down a hoodie. She’s pleading to be allowed to return to the UK.

Emilie Konig, 36, who previously appeared in Daesh propaganda videos, said she was also getting dressed to get used to my return and hope people convince that she is no longer radicalized.

The woman wears a westernized outfit consisting of a hoodie, faux leather leggings, white high-top trainers, sunglasses and a shoulder bag. Her head is covered in a Yankees baseball cap and her hair is covered in a braid. She claims she is ready to return to her children in her home country of France.

New clothes … The alleged ISIS recruiter Emilie Konig says she wants to return to France and become an accountant. The Kurdish official who runs the Roj camp where she is being held says that few of the detainees are really remorseful. #Syria @AFP https: // t .co / Av4gM1FmB7 pic.twitter.com/4bLHyNGqfQ

King became king in the new costume of the Kurdish-led al-Roj formal internally displaced persons (IDP) and the refugee camp in the Al-Hasakeh governorate Pictured in northeast Syria.

Speaking from the camp, King was quoted by The Associated Press (AP) as saying that leaving France for Syria in 2012 and joining Daesh « ruined » their lives .

« I want to start my life over and correct my mistakes. » In a camp in northeast Syria, IS propagandist Emilie Konig tells @Delilsouleman that she desperately wants to return to France to see her five children: https://t.co/kKvxHloQhC. @AFP pic.twitter.com/obgE487auB

Begum’s attorneys were accused by Eilish O’Gara, a counterterrorism analyst with the Henry Jackson Society, of using such « gentle tactics » to « kill. » To win back the hearts and minds of the British public « .

King, the daughter of a French policeman, grew up in Brittany. Her father left the family when she was two and converted to Islam while he was still living in France.

According to Agnes de Feo, a documentary filmmaker who began filming Konig in 2012, Konig’s marriage also transformed her first husband, an Algerian drug dealer, turned her into an « angry young woman ».

Konig is said to have been abused by her husband and to have fled Brittany to Paris after her divorce. There she started wearing a full face veil in 2010.

According to De Feo, the woman often spoke of going to Syria to « meet a real man, a brave Muslim who can support a family and children and so on » .

Months later, King left her children to travel to Syria, where she renamed herself Ummu Tawwab and married a Belgian jihadist. The couple had three children before he was killed.

About Emilie König #EmilieKonig also known as ‘Ummu Tawwab’. We must not forget this pattern of action, as more and more women develop very similar radicalization processes. INTERPOL @INTERPOL_HQ: Konig, Emilie Edwigehttps: //t.co/sU4jz2z4XV pic.twitter.com/NhwhoekDEo

Konig became notorious for its role as a recruiting tool. She reportedly appeared in numerous Daesh propaganda videos that resulted in her blacklisted UN and US terrorists.

One video allegedly showed her training with a shotgun while in another an AK-47 swung while making a gesture common among jihadists, meaning « one god » and « one religion ».

la # République ne peut servir d’excuses à la cruauté. # emiliekonig égérie de #Daesh et arrêtée en Syrie implores the president »Pic.twitter.com/tQPdbAuCyq

Konig was confiscated by Kurdish fighters in 2017 and taken to a prison camp together with their children, who have since been returned to France .

King remains in the camp and is fighting to be allowed to return home in the hope of being able to work as an accountant.

While the Kurdish authorities have repeatedly urged more than 50 countries that men, women and Repatriating children from their prisons and displacement camps was reluctant to do so.

In France, relatives and rights groups have asked Paris to bring back around 80 women and 200 children, including those from Roj, with the French authorities on a case-by-case basis Take an approach to the return of minors.

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