Ebene Magazine – Ducks ensure that the newly acquired Haydn Fleury knows the way to San Jose


Trading really wasn’t that complicated. The Ducks traded defender Jani Hakanpaa and a sixth round draft pick in 2022 with Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Haydn Fleury at the close of trading on Monday that a player’s general manager, Bob Murray, had coveted for many years.
On the other hand, there has been at least one complication with the NHL attempting to operate during a pandemic. Since commercial flying would have meant quarantining the players for seven days and driving overland was out of the question, the teams arranged alternative transportation.

The ducks and hurricanes shared the cost of a private plane. Hakanpaa flew east to Raleigh, North Carolina, and Fleury traveled west to join the ducks in San Jose, where they played the sharks. Fleury was on the line-up for his Ducks debut on Wednesday paired with Kevin Shattenkirk.

« Just go play hockey, » said Ducks coach Dallas Eakins of his instructions to Fleury. « Don’t worry. Have fun with it. »

« I wouldn’t rate you too highly or invest too much on those first few nights, » he said. « Some people play the lights off. Other guys are just good. Sometimes have a night off. The only thing I asked Haydn was if he was going to make a mistake, do it because he was too aggressive.  »

Eakins gave Fleury the opportunity to sit outside on Wednesday, join the Ducks for a full practice on Thursday, and make his debut against the Vegas Golden Knights at the Honda Center on Friday, when a limited number of fans come first Times will be present.

Trevor Zegras scored two goals and set up two more in the San Diego Gulls 7-4 win over the Ontario government at the Great Park Ice in Irvine on Tuesday. He also combined the franchise’s rookie record with four points in one game, joining Sam Steel (twice) and Brandon Montour.

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The Ducks sent Zegras to their AHL team to relearn the middle position after playing 17 games in the NHL as the left wing. Seagull coach Kevin Dineen praised Zegras’ overall game during his fourth game in his new assignment.

« Starting with the puck drop, I thought his faceoffs were really taking a step in a positive direction, » Dineen said of Zoom. “I saw a certain amount of responsibility in his game in the defensive zone. We looked for matchups early on and as the game went on we put him in more responsible situations, starting with innuendos in his own zone. I thought he did a good job there and I think this is a good learning experience. If you do that, the offensive side of things will not be affected.  »

Zegras, a 20-year-old who was ninth overall in the 2019 draft, has scored three goals and three assists in four games since returning to the Seagulls, and his AHL grand total to seven goals and eight Assists increased in 12 games. He had one goal and six assists in the ducks.

Zegras is expected to return to the Ducks before the end of the season on May 8th.

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