Ebene Magazine – « Don’t get caught » – Irish coaches warned against keeping documents ready before Brexit in Cheltenham

Ebene Magazine - "Don't get caught" - Irish coaches warned against keeping documents ready before Brexit in Cheltenham




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Irish coaches need to prepare very well ahead of the first Cheltenham Festival to keep pace after Brexit. Photo by David Fitzgerald / Sportsfile

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Irish horses are allowed to run in the UK, including at the prestigious Cheltenham Festival in March, without the Brexit incurring significant VAT costs, provided that trainers / owners are in a « temporary admission process » Avail.

Willie Mullins is testing the new Brexit waters with a runner in Market Rasen tomorrow when Grangee (3.15) becomes the first Irish-trained runner since Britain left the European Union and the Irish jump coach overcomes fears The « colossal » VAT cost of the horses disclosed traveling across the Irish Sea could arise.

The master trainer spoke to Racing Post about the disastrous effects of the UK VAT payment, 19 percent of the horse’s value, despite the fee being reimbursed within three months would be on the British Government for Irish Ra uber would have in the UK.

Given that there were 181 Irish runners at last year’s festival, 56 of whom were trained by Mullins, there were great concerns about the cost of visiting the Cotswolds and elsewhere but those fears have been somewhat cleared as the picture becomes clearer.

BDO Ireland, one of Ireland’s largest management consultancies, acted swiftly to clear the situation by telling coaches and owners that they had nothing to do financially fear if they have runners in the UK as long as they plan carefully. Ciara Dillon, Head of Food / Drink and Agri-Business at BDO Ireland, told Independent.ie: « The coaches need to have the right customs papers and get the right procedure so you don’t end up with your UK VAT expenses.  » by 19 percent « .

Ms. Dillon admitted that » there are a lot of fields to fill out and certain terms and conditions apply, « but she insisted that » once you set them up and your forms are in order, you should be fine.  » are « .

Ms. Dillon explained that there are two ways to transport horses from Ireland, one under ATA Carnet, often referred to as a » passport for goods « , while the other is a » temporary admission process « .

« You can create a temporary customs document outside of Ireland, you are making a temporary entry into the UK and when you return to Ireland with your horse you claim the so-called return of goods to Ireland is done, » Ms. Dillon said. p> « If you’re going to the UK, which is probably what Willie got caught with, you need to go through what is called a customs procedure for temporary registration in the UK, and you must You must be authorized to use it. « 

 » A financial guarantee may be required, which can be obtained from the bank. Sometimes you have to, sometimes you don’t. In that case, you would not have to pay VAT on the import if you have the temporary registration procedure. « 

Ms. Dillon said such procedures will » work both ways « with the same rules applying when British horses follow Come to Ireland while encouraging the coaches to get their house in order well in advance of Cheltenham to avoid unnecessary financial costs.

« For the Irish horse racing industry and Cheltenham, they probably want a system that is required for all of the procedures they need . For some companies it can take four to six weeks to get things right, so I encourage coaches to act now.

« You will be rejected if the paperwork is incorrect, so either you or you will be charged will be turned over if the paperwork is not correct in order for the approvals to be issued, the BDO and Declaron (Customs) Clearance Agent) can do for you.

« If you do nothing and do not use these procedures to be eligible for use being, you will be affected by import sales tax so the industry may have been spurred to action. It’s time to get ready and not get caught. « . »




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