Ebene Magazine – Divination for Epiphany 2021: proven ways to find out the future on the night of January 18-19, 2021 ru

Ebene Magazine - Divination for Epiphany 2021: proven ways to find out the future on the night of January 18-19, 2021 ru

It was believed that the night of Epiphany is the decisive time when one can guess for the distant future: « On the night of the Epiphany, the sky opens. »

The people believed that at dusk on January 18, you can arrange the most reliable fortune-telling, because it will be the last on these Christmastide days (after Epiphany, « torturing fate » was already strictly forbidden). Christmastide – two weeks of winter holidays, starting with Christmas Eve (06.01) and ending with Epiphany (19.01). About what proven fortune-telling for Epiphany 2021 is, read further in the material.

It was believed that the night of Epiphany is a decisive time when one can guess for the distant future: « On the night of the Epiphany, the sky opens » (although many attribute this to the bans on Epiphany 2021). According to the church calendar, the extreme dates of this period are dedicated to the memory of the gospel events of the birth of Christ and his baptism in the Jordan. According to East Slavic beliefs, God, rejoicing at the birth of a son, releases from the « other world » both the souls of the dead and the evil spirits to walk around the world.

The werewolf « Fire Serpent », which appears to girls in the form of a handsome youth, is especially dangerous on Epiphany night. They say that if the « Fire Serpent » falls in love with a girl, this love is incurable forever. « Without loving, you will fall in love, without praise, you will praise, » the old women warn young girls about the appearance of a handsome man. « He knows how to spoil the soul, the villain. He knows how to speak speeches. He, ruthless, with a girlish heart, will play with the girl in hot embraces. From his kisses the girl burns a rosy dawn. Without him, the girl sits in anguish, dries herself without him … ». You can protect yourself from a handsome werewolf by drawing a cross on the doors or pouring snow collected on Epiphany evening onto the stove.

But in the absence of stove knobs in modern apartments, we advise you to wash yourself with snow water in the morning on the day of Epiphany: as you will say, from this « they are white without whitewash, ruddy without blush. » You can not limit yourself to washing, but try to swim in the ice hole. It has long been a custom in Russia to swim in an ice-hole for Epiphany, despite the fact that Epiphany frosts were considered the most severe.

How do epiphany fortune telling predict the future? Why can you see the past from them and how do they look into the souls of people, guessing the thoughts and feelings of both those present and those who are far from us? Why, wondering about a distant friend, do you so clearly imagine what is going on in his soul? All these questions have no answer. We believe in fortune-telling for Epiphany 2021 and entrust our destiny to them in order to receive truthful answers to our questions.

1. Take 6 small glasses, pour some water into them. Put it in turns (so that there is something in each glass) – salt, sugar, a piece of bread, a coin (coin), a ring, a match.
Salt – to tears, to be sad …
Sugar is a sweet life, successful in the year
Bread – bread, well-fed life of the year
Money – to the money of the year

Then they take turns blindfold and come up and choose a glass. What they pull with is a forecast for the coming year!

The most truthful thing is that for the first time, you can draw it out for the second time – it’s like the background of the year.

2. One of the most common methods is throwing a shoe out of the gate. But since there is not much with the gate now, and who may be there, behind the gate, it is unknown, this method is rarely used. And earlier it was possible to know with certainty which side the betrothed would come from.

3. Eavesdropping. Climb to Epiphany under the neighbors’ window and listen. If they have a showdown with the smashing of dishes, you will understand what year it will be. If the house is quiet – and your year will be harmonious.

4. Divination in dreams. They put a comb or a king of diamonds under the pillow and make plans to dream about the betrothed. If a girl really wants to get married, she will certainly dream of someone.

5. At the time when everyone is gone, the girl takes a broom or broom and begins to sweep the room. Each time, swinging to the right, she says a prayer, and swinging to the left, utters a curse with the name of evil spirits. Then he makes a line with coal in the middle of the floor and stands to the right, that is, to the place that was swept away with prayer. Then he says the following: « The betrothed-mummer, appear before me, like a leaf before the grass. »

6. Fortune telling with fir branches for Epiphany 2021. Before midnight, prepare a medium-sized mirror and a few fir branches. Before going to bed, put a mirror under the bed, spread fir branches around it. Write your deepest desire on the mirror. If in the morning the inscription on the mirror disappears, then your wish will certainly come true.

The more accurately the question is asked, the more accurate you will get the answer. Therefore, the question needs to be clearly formulated. Otherwise, you can get confused and even hurt.

A simple rule of thumb for simple questions: phrasing the question so that it can be answered (mentally) « yes » or « no. »

Try to translate all negative questions into positive ones: not “how can I return it?”, But “is it worth returning it?”; not « what will hinder me? », but « what will help me? »

1. You take a deck of 36 cards and think about your beloved from the very beginning of fortune-telling. You shuffle a deck of cards.

The girls stood with their backs to the omet and chose one of the straws hanging from above, throwing their heads back. The straw you liked had to be firmly grasped with your teeth and carefully pulled out. If there was an ear on the other end, it means that the girl will marry a rich man; if the ear breaks off, it means that she will grieve with the poor man all her life. Therefore, they tried to pull the straw slowly so that the ear would not break off.

It was possible to tell fortunes on tangled straw. Several girls got together and kneaded, whipped a heap of straw brought into the house. A straw ball was placed on the table, and a pan of water was placed on it, at the bottom of which was a stone. Then each girl pulled out a straw for herself. This was not so easy to do, because all the straws were twisted and pulled out with difficulty. Straw rustled, water splashed over the edge, and the stone scraped along the bottom of the pan. The girls listened to these strange sounds and guessed human speech in them.

In a large and noisy company, they used to guess differently on the straw. The fortuneteller took an even number of straws (at least six) and tied them into a bundle. Then he tied ears in pairs at one end, and straw balls at the other. Then the bundle was untied in the middle and saw what happened. If the paired straws formed a continuous ring, the fortuneteller was in for great luck. If an open chain or several separate rings came out, then expect trouble in the new year.

At about 12 o’clock, lock the door, lower the curtains, lay a clean tablecloth, put two appliances on the table, light a candle, sit at the table in front of one of the appliances, put a piece of incense on both plates and begin to read the fortune telling plot, while with your right hand, then with one device, then from the other take a piece of incense on the table, and put the other under the pillow. Go to bed, the dream will be prophetic: what you wondered about, you will see.

Incense gets along in church
At home, illness rules them,
On Epiphany, they guess at him.
Frankincense, incense, it would be alright
You tell fortunes, learn the whole truth.

The most sure thing, despite all sorts of fortune-telling and predictions, is to come to church, light a candle and say: « Lord, if there is my half that pleases you, let it be with me » or « Lord, take away all unnecessary and send the one you need. » And he will definitely come, this half will appear. Even if you have to wait a bit for that.

If the problem of the groom is not the only thing that worries you, or if you have been married for a long time, then you can get answers to the most burning questions.

To do this, you need to tie the ring to a thread, take the thread by the other end and rest your elbow on the table, hold the ring over the candle flame and mentally ask him any questions. If the answer is yes, the ring will swing towards you – away from you, and if negative – from right to left.

Light a red or scarlet candle. On a piece of red colored paper, write your full name starting at the bottom of the sheet. Above your name, write the full name of the person you want to seduce and bewitch, write his or her date of birth even higher, and finally, in the top line, your date of birth. Draw a heart around the lettering so that all names and dates are written inside the drawing. Above, above the heart, write the names and dates of birth again in the same order. Repeat this three times in succession. You will have a drawing of three hearts, one above the other, and six repeated inscriptions of names and dates. Remember to write and draw from the bottom up. Then, crumple the leaf and light it on a candle flame. Place the burning leaf on a saucer or ashtray.
While it is on, say three times:

For 10-15 minutes or more, observe the light, thinking about the purpose of your witchcraft. Then, extinguish the candle without blowing it out. On the last, ninth night, leave the candle to burn out.

Someone believes in the power of fortune-telling for Epiphany 2021, while others consider it a terrible sin. But everyone has their own opinion on this matter.

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