Ebene Magazine – Deion Sanders’ belongings found after alleged robbery during Jackson State debut

Ebene Magazine - Deion Sanders' belongings found after alleged robbery during Jackson State debut

Former NFL star and current Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders was found after telling reporters they were stolen from the locker room in Sunday’s 53-0 win over Edward Waters.

A school official told WAPT’s Nick Niehaus that the items were found after Sander’s press conference.

Sanders later went on Twitter to explain the situation and said his assistant caught the person stealing:

No, it was stolen, but they got it back. It was stolen from my personal bag in my office and my assistant caught the gentleman stealing, but she was alone. No miscommunication my husband at all https://t.co/foXTKwqsQC

Anyone who utters the lie that my things were not stolen is lying. My belongings were taken from a zippered bag in my office and other items were also taken from my office. We’ve been calling them since they were reported. My co-worker witnessed the crime. #Truth

lies. It was stolen because an employee committed the theft, but she couldn’t fend off a guy. https://t.co/SByAPPPH1H

Jackson State Sports Director Ashely Robinson confirmed the recovery of the items to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated.

« We’ll find out who did it, » Sanders said at the time and realized that he had taken his wallet and cell phone with him.

A sad, bizarre and unhappy situation. After his first win as Jackson State head football coach, Deion Sanders reveals that his personal belongings were stolen during the game. https://t.co/S0CyJMN1VW

Sanders said it was the second time his belongings had been stolen since he was appointed head coach:

Deion Sanders has become the second since moving to Jackson in December Time property stolen.

Someone stole a boombox from their car. When the person found out it was Deion’s boombox, they returned the property to him.

« What happened today was malicious, a personal attack. »

Sanders leaves the stadium clearly ticked off. His belongings were the only ones stolen from the locker room, a « malicious and targeted » attack, he says. https://t.co/5NCwyBfzbu

Sunday was Sander’s debut as head coach. It was hired in September, but the school postponed its season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jackson State will play eight games this season.

He also had a pre-game surprise when his former teammate Troy Aikman greeted him on the field:

Aikman surprised his former teammate @DeionSanders while warming up the game before practicing his first college football game. Dallas Cowboys have all grown up. I love to see it. https://t.co/u8r39jGEqO

Troy Aikman surprised former Cowboys teammate Deion Sanders for Deion’s coaching debut at Jackson State

(via @ TroyAikmans Instagram) https://t.co/WOsl6vk0Cz

« How do you think it feels when I come back with tears in my eyes – the guys just presented me with the cue ball, one of the best Moments I’ve ever had in my career – and you realize that you don’t have a phone to call your mother, your girl, your children because it was stolen, « he told reporters before recovering his belongings.

Ref: https://www.bleacherreport.com



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