Ebene Magazine – Date of the meeting of the high-level group of the Union State announced ru

Ebene Magazine - Date of the meeting of the high-level group of the Union State announced ru

The speech at the meeting, BelTA specifies, will be “on the coordination of railway transportation to Russia of the mineral halite concentrate“ Belaruskali ”in bulk on an open rolling stock using special containers; on the restriction of access to the supply of granite crushed stone in the Russian Federation and on the operating conditions of the Russian service“ Yandex Taxi ” on the territory of Belarus « . In addition, issues of integration of information systems in the field of phytosanitary control, mutual recognition of bank guarantees in public procurement and a number of others are to be discussed.

To coordinate the work on the preparation and holding of the meetings of the supreme bodies of the Union State in the current year, it is planned to consider the issue of the draft agendas of the regular meetings of the Council of Ministers and the Supreme State Council of the Union State.

The meeting next Thursday, the agency specifies, will be chaired by the HLG co-chairs, the Belarusian ambassador to Russia, empowered as deputy prime minister, Vladimir Semashko, and Russian deputy prime minister Alexei Overchuk.

The videoconference will also be attended by State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev, Executive Secretary of the Union State Council of the Union of Belarus and Russia Sergei Strelchenko, heads of Belarusian and Russian ministries, representatives of the Union State PC.

The joint program of Belarusian and Russian scientists and doctors « Spinal systems » has been successfully completed. Unique technologies for early diagnosis of spinal deformities in children and methods of their treatment have been developed

How did you work in the past year and what are the views for the coming year? How did the pandemic affect the affairs in the Union State and how to overcome its consequences? Deputy Secretary of State of the Union State, member of the Standing Committee Alexey Kubrin told about this to « SOYUZ »

The weather never ceases to amaze: the beginning of January was marked by a thaw, and now there are frosts in Moscow and Minsk. Forecaster Dmitry Kiktev told SOYUZ what is happening to the climate and how accurate are meteorologists in their forecasts

What trees do Belarusians prefer for the New Year, how did you manage to grow a plantation of Karelian birches in the republic, and how is cooperation with Russian colleagues going in the context of a pandemic? The Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Bashkortostan Vitaly Drozhzha told about this to « SOYUZ »

In Minsk, experts discussed the most important areas of interaction in the field of education and university science. The meeting was attended by Deputy Secretary of State of the Union State Viktor Sirenko

With what do we end the outgoing year and what will be the rates of development of the Union economy in the coming year? This is our conversation with Irina Novikova, Doctor of Economics, Head of the Department of BSTU

The bull, according to the Chinese calendar, is a hardworking animal and promises success, prosperity and prosperity to everyone who works hard next year. But Russians and Belarusians will work and rest in different ways in the new year.

The exhibition « Our Common Victory » has opened in the Museum of the Defense of the Brest Fortress. 16 mobile stands of the exposition tell about the contribution of 11 republics of the Soviet Union to the Great Victory

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The date of the meeting of the high-level group of the Union State has been named
The meeting of the high-level group of the Council of Ministers of the Union State will be held on January 21


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