Ebene Magazine – Dani Harmer says Tracy Beaker is a great mom when she teases new series

Ebene Magazine - Dani Harmer says Tracy Beaker is a great mom when she teases new series

Guess what? Tracy Beaker is officially back – and we have juicy details on her new show.

The original CBBC Jacqueline Wilson series was a hit with millennial kids and tweens, making central cast member Dani Harmer famous.

And now Dani is back alongside a number of OG cast members and a few new additions for a new one Series based on Wilson’s book of the same name.

The series – which has already started filming – will focus on Tracy (Dani Harmer) and her daughter Jess (Emma Maggie Davies) trying to control life as a power duo – and doing the perfect one Maintaining a mother-daughter bond that Tracy never had.

But it’s not all easy, the two have a lot of money. That is, until Tracy’s rich former buddy « Football » – real name Sean Godfrey (Jordan Duvigneau) – comes along and knocks her off.

Now, recently retired and a successful IRL soccer star, Sean is ready for that Duo to offer huge villas and fancy cars. But if everything starts « classic Tracy Beaker pear-shaped », can Tracy’s daughter save the day?

Before the release of the new series called My Mum Tracy Beaker, returning protagonist Dani Harmer teased, « So Tracy is a mother now! Which is amazing I think the last time we saw her she was working as a caregiver in her 20s.

« Now she’s in her thirties and she’s a mom so it was really cool to me because I, like everyone else, really wanted to know what happened next and where Tracy’s journey will take her. « 

She added, » I think everyone will be very excited to see how Tracy has made progress and for what a great mother she is. « 

Dani went on to explain that the arrival of Sean brings some excitement back to Tracy’s life and brings out the » wild « side of her character.

 » Sean, the one out of the blue Heaven comes as a bit of a shock to Tracy. She doesn’t recognize him at first, but in fact they did when they were younger.

« I think when Tracy first sees him it’s not an instant attraction, it’s almost a bit of nostalgia to see someone from your childhood and instantly go back to that age. When you’re a mother , you’re kind of losing who you used to be, and when Sean comes back into the picture, Tracy is reminded of how she used to be when she was younger.

« A little crazy, free and wilder … Me think she missed that side of herself, so if Sean shows up, Sean will bring it back. « Meanwhile, her on-screen daughter Emma Maggie Davies, who plays little Jess, said that her character was with Seans Returning not be as happy as her mother.

« Jess fears that Sean might take her mother away and take her place, that it might affect their bond, that it might not be as strong … » she explained .

She went on to gush that she believes fans of the show get it will enjoy « seeing Tracy as a mom » as the show marks a new phase in her life.

« Tracy is a very lively character, and she’s still as lively as ever, » jokes Emma. « I think they’ll love the girl power [the show] too.

 » It’s so warm in the scenes when it’s just Tracy and Jess because they have such a strong bond. « 

Also The new series features Tracy’s adoptive mother Cam (Lisa Coleman), her enemy Justine Littlewood (Montanna Thompson) and her birth mother Carly (Ruth Gemmell) – most recently known for starring in Netflix hit Bridgerton.

Just in case That you need a reminder, the Tracy Beaker story first aired in 2002. The series followed a ten-year-old girl who lived in a nursing home for children nicknamed « Dumping Ground. »

The show later celebrated Comeback for Tracy Beaker Returns, which aired between 2010 and 2012, showing Tracy as a caregiver.

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