Ebene Magazine – BTS MTV Unplugged: Suga apologises to fans after septet performs Telepathy, Blue & Grey and covers Coldplay’s Fix You en

Ebene Magazine - BTS MTV Unplugged: Suga apologises to fans after septet performs Telepathy, Blue & Grey and covers Coldplay's Fix You en

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook made their way to MTV Unplugged and it was nothing short of a mini-concert. BTS lit the episode with their latest tracks, shared anecdotes from the making of the BE album and surprised fans with the cover of Coldplay’s Fix You.

The episode began with the septet performing Telepathy. The group, dressed in colorful outfits to match the theme of the song, sang the hit track in a room arranged with numerous elements like a Friends’ inspired couch, a football table, a Vespa with a sidecar and a jukebox to name a few.

Jimin went on to express his happiness over the members performing together after a while, referring to Suga’s absence from live performances owing to his shoulder surgery. « Suga is back, healthy and recovered! » an excited Jimin announced. Suga informed fans that he missed being on stage during his recovery period. « It feels good to be performing together. I’m very happy! » he said.

There’s one thing I know for sure, and it’s that @BTS_twt’s #MTVUnplugged performance of #Telepathy will be living in my mind ALL DAY. 💜✨ #BTSonMTV pic.twitter.com/YbC39hc22L

J-Hope confessed the group was nervous about performing Telepathy for it was the first time they were bringing it to a live stage. However, he said he had a ball performing it. Speaking about the lyrics, Suga said, « We’re in a situation where we can’t meet our fans around the world in person due to COVID-19. So the song’s lyrics describe our current situation of temporarily being apart from each other. » He added that the fandom, ARMY, was the inspiration behind the song.

The septet then performed the heartbreaking Blue & Grey which V said was very close to his heart. For the performance, BTS recreated an open field in a room full of sunshine, featuring blue flowers while they dressed in different shades of grey. « I tried to express my inner sadness and uncertainty, so I translated the feeling of burning out as « blue » and the sadness of not being able to see ARMY as « grey ». The melody of the song is simple so I paid closer attention to delivering emotions through the lyrics, » V explained.

How can I feel blue when @BTS_twt just gave us an INCREDIBLE #MTVUnplugged performance of « Blue & Grey »?? 💜👏 #BTSonMTV pic.twitter.com/GkKLlDflTz

The Bangtan Boys surprised fans with the performance on Coldplay’s Fix You. The cover was bound to leave no dry eye in the house. Speaking about the cover, Jimin said, « Last year, we all went through such difficult times and this song gave us comfort, so we wanted to prepare this cover to comfort you all as well. It’s one of our favourite songs, so we had fun while preparing for it. »

*tears stream down my face* 🗣 AND I WILL TRY, TO FIX YOU. @BTS_twt #MTVUnplugged #BTSonMTV #FixYou pic.twitter.com/xtI3FY4Weq

BTS then performed Life Goes On. While their concept photos ahead of the album’s release in December gave a look into their rooms, their live performance took place in a large but simple living room set up with a live band supporting them during the soothing number.

Excuse me while I LOSE MY MIND over @BTS_twt’s #MTVUnplugged performance of #LifeGoesOn. 😭💜 #BTSonMTV pic.twitter.com/BOWf6mbk1l

BTS began their curtain call with the performance on their Grammy-nominated song Dynamite. BTS let go of the colour and spice that was seen in previous Dynamite performances and truly unplugged it in white ensembles and a live band to accompany them.

‼️ @BTS_twt IN WHITE SUITS I repeat, louder: ‼️ BTS IN WHITE SUITS DURING THEIR #MTVUnplugged performance of #Dynamite!! #BTSonMTV pic.twitter.com/gt7QhFR9yv

Before the show came to end, each member shared their concluding thoughts. While Jungkook said he misses the fandom, aka the ARMY, Jin wished the fandom a good year ahead of them. J-Hope awaits the day the septet could sing for the ARMY in person. However, Suga apologised for bringing these performances remotely. « We were supposed to show you these stages at a live concert, so we’re sorry we had to do it remotely, but hope many of you still enjoyed it. We’re grateful that we got this chance to perform live. We really hope ARMY enjoy it, » he said.

« I think many of us are spending time thinking ‘What am I doing?’ This situation where we can’t see each other is very difficult for us and makes us question what are we doing. However, we have one another so I hope we can keep moving, without giving up. We always appreciate you and love ARMY, » Jimin said.

V hoped that in 2021, they continue to be who they are while bringing « great music, comfort and healing. » « ARMY, we miss you and we purple you, » he added. RM concluded the final thoughts of the members by confessing they wanted to perform these songs at a concert in person. But the group understands the situation. « We hope many of you were comforted while watching from your rooms and houses, » he said.

BTS’s MTV Unplugged episode will air on Vh1 at 8 pm and will be available on Voot Select to stream.

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