Ebene Magazine – Brittany’s partner unloads the government

Ebene Magazine - Brittany's partner unloads the government

Brittany Higgins’ partner David Sharaz has spoken out on the Prime Minister’s (PMO) behavior regarding the alleged rape of Ms. Higgins in the House of Parliament.

Speaking to news.com.au earlier this week, Mr Sharaz announced that he had resigned from his job fearing that the Morrison government would punish the company he works for by getting rid of government contracts.

The former press gallery journalist, who worked for Sky News and SBS before joining a media surveillance firm earlier this year, said he accepted that he could no longer stay in the role.

As the aftermath of the alleged attack on Ms. Higgins continues, Mr Sharaz re-confirmed that Scott Morrison’s office cracked down on him in response to a tweet from Network Ten’s political editor, Peter van Onselen.

Last Thursday, Van Onselen announced to ABC that PMO staff had been running a « grubby » campaign against Ms. Higgins’ partner.

« The prime minister’s office has been behind the scenes to see that your current partner has a vengeance, or a criticism might be the better way to express it against the government for being a former civil servant, » he said.

When Treasury Secretary Simon Birmingham was grilled on the matter in the Senate, he said he was « unaware of such activity ».

« I will discuss these matters with the Prime Minister. I am sure he will not tolerate such activities, » said Birmingham.

« I don’t care, » added Mr. Sharaz. « But Britt takes care of me and it hurt her. In the worst case, the victim blames me. Go after your strongest supporter. »

It’s not the first time that Mr Sharaz has dodged the background and tweeted beforehand, « Let’s take a moment to praise the strong women who support Brittany Higgins. »

« Thank you to the journalists who would not stand if the Prime Minister’s office publicly supported them while they were privately in the background hurting their loved ones. »

Let’s take a moment to praise the strong women who support #BrittanyHiggins. @Lisa_Wilkinson & @samanthamaiden. Thank you to the journalists who couldn’t stand the Prime Minister’s office publicly supporting them while they were privately in the background hurting their loved ones. #auspolhttps: //t.co/ZevqyhTTi1

Ms. Higgins, who claims she was raped after working drinks by a Liberal agent in Defense Secretary Linda Reynolds’ office in March 2019, told Guardianlast Week that the PMO’s behavior was « gross ».

« I knew personally that if I chose to put my name and face on it, it would have an impact on me, » she said.

« But I think it’s unfair for you to start taking this out on loved ones.

Speaking of his decision to step down from his job, Mr. Sharaz said he had « no regrets » to stand with Ms. Higgins and support her fight for justice.

« I have absolutely no regrets for supporting my partner and I will continue to do so, » he told news.com.au.

“The standard you pass by is the standard you accept. Being supportive is the least I – or any other partner of a victim’s survivor – can do.

A spokesman for Mr Sharaz’s employer said the company did its best to support him but reluctantly accepted his wish to resign after he announced he was leaving Canberra to support his partner in Queensland.

The fallout means that both Ms. Higgins, who quit her job earlier this month before telling her story, and her partner, Mr. Sharaz, are unemployed because they went public with her harrowing report of rape in Parliament is.


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