Ebene Magazine – Aussie Star is fed up with hearing that one thing


The Hollywood actress said she would « snap » if her American fans keep asking questions about Australian wildlife.

« People are just fascinated by the Australian outback, wildlife and dangerous animals, » she said when appearing on the Ladies First Podcast.

« And the thing is, you and I are city girls, » she said to hostess Laura Brown.

« It’s as strange to me as it is to them because I grew up in the city, » said the 41-year-old star.

Byrne, who was born in Balmain in inner west Sydney and now lives in New York, said she was a « city mouse ».

« Yes, I am, » laughed the Like a Boss star. « I’ll snap. I’ll say, ‘If you ask me about a goddamn kangaroo,' » she joked.

Byrne appeared on another podcast in 2020, joking that she tackled the coronavirus pandemic with « alcohol, drugs (and) porn. »

When she appeared on The Big Ticket podcast in May, she told host Marc Malkin that she had isolated with her family.

Last year, the Australian star portrayed feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the historical documentaries Mrs America. She starred alongside Cate Blanchett, who portrayed the prominent conservative Phyllis Schlafly.


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One of the concerns raised was that a local landowner was being « adversely affected ».

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