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DMDK Party: It has been announced that today is the last day to file nominations to contest the Assembly elections on behalf of Temujin. As of this morning, 1120 people have filed petitions. This news package describes how Temujin’s electoral politics have been in the past.

Actor Vijaykanth, popularly known as Black MGR by the fans. Vijaykanth, who has been helping the people from time to time through his fan base, started the National Progressive Dravida League, a political party in Madurai on September 14, 2005 and unveiled the flag.

The party faced assembly elections the following year. Demuthika contested alone in 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu based on the ideology that God and people are his alliance. Despite contesting all the seats, Vijayakanth was the only one to win in the Virudhachalam constituency and go to the Assembly. The vote bank for the party at that time was huge. Vijayakanth’s Temutika became the third largest party in Tamil Nadu with 8.45% of the vote.

In the ensuing 2009 parliamentary elections, Temujin stood alone. The party’s growth rate came as a surprise to everyone as Temujin sought sporadic coalition opportunities. However, Temujin lost the by-elections in 39 constituencies. The party also lost the deposit. But had a strong vote bank of 10%.

Temujin wanted to use the vote bank as an opportunity to enter the assembly to call on AIADMK, which had lost the previous assembly elections. During the 2011 assembly elections, Temujin joined the AIADMK and won 29 seats. But the fact is that the alliance will not last long. Temujin captured the status of a coalition opposition. Temujin’s vote bank fell to 7.88% as he contested fewer seats.

Temujin joined the BJP’s National Democratic Alliance in the 2014 parliamentary elections. To stay with Bamako in that alliance, Temujin contested 14 seats. But the people did not give the Democratic candidates a chance to go to the Lok Sabha during that election. The vote bank began to slide to 5.19%.

Temujin formed an alliance with Madhimuga, VCK, Communist Party of India, Marxist Communist and Damaka parties and went to the people as a people’s welfare alliance. During the 2016 elections, the People’s Welfare Alliance proposed itself as an alternative to the AIADMK and DMK alliances. Temujin contested in 104 constituencies during this election. But Temujin did not succeed in any of them. Vijayakand also lost in Ulundurpet. The party lost the deposit. Temujin contested the Thiruparankundram, Tanjore and Aravakurichi elections to increase the vote bank. But even then Temutika was unable to ensure victory in any constituency. That party received less than 1% of the vote.

During the 2019 parliamentary elections, Temujin joined the AIADMK alliance. Temutika contested in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in four Lok Sabha constituencies, namely Kallakurichi, North Chennai, Trichy and Virudhunagar. But did not even win in any constituency. It is noteworthy that despite Temujin announcing that he will step down with the AIADMK in the forthcoming assembly elections, no social outcome has been reached in the three-phase block allocation talks.

Initially, Temujin started the success story by saying that he was only in alliance with the people. The big parties were vying to keep the coalition. But 15 years later, the party is in a position to compete with the largest party in the coalition.

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