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A huge fire broke out in the wind mill of the Suzlon Company near Sukh Singh Nagar in Jaisalmer district late on Monday. The wind burned down. Reasons for the fire have not been revealed. The price of this wind turbine is around eight and a half crores.

A huge fire broke out in a wind power plant located just 200 meters from Sukh Singh Nagar population area of ​​Badora village. Due to which the wind turbine and hub of the windmill were set ablaze by fierce fire. The fire was so terrible that the flames were visible many kilometers away. A blade of the windmill also burned down due to the strong fire. During the accident, it was considered that there was no casualty of any kind due to no one being close. The cause of the fire is not yet known. It is being told that due to a short circuit in the wind turbine, there was a sudden explosion and the flames started picking up. This turbine is positioned at a considerable height. In such a situation, people saw its fire for quite a distance.

People in Jaisalmer always face many diktats due to the ongoing storms, but this strong storm is considered very beneficial for wind power generation. Jaisalmer currently has a wind power generation capacity of 3509.42 MW. For this, 2984 wind turbines of varying capacity are installed in the district. A wind turbine can produce 2.5 kW to 2.1 megawatts of power. One MW capacity turbine is installed at around five and a half crores. It is being told that the capacity of the burned turbine last night was 1.5 MW.

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