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Beijing, April 04: China’s 21-ton rocket long March 5B rocket has gone out of control in space and is moving rapidly towards the earth uncontrollably. The weight of this rocket is 21 thousand kg and it is feared that it may fall anywhere on earth. At the same time, scientists have feared that in any part of the earth, this rocket will fall, there it can cause massive destruction. The speed of this rocket is 4 miles per second. China is behaving madly in the craze of becoming the king of space and now it is becoming a big threat to the security of the world. China has already given the gift of corona virus to the world, which has not only killed millions of people but has also ruined the world economy and now China’s rocket has become a new trouble for the world.

The name of this Chinese rocket is Long March 5B rocket and its weight is 21 ton i.e. 21 thousand kg. It was launched only last week i.e. on 29 April but after going into space it has become out of control. Due to which it is now very difficult to control this rocket and scientists have feared that this rocket may fall anywhere. There is a lot of apprehension that if this rocket falls in the populated part, what will happen then? Scientists have feared that if this 21 thousand kg rocket falls over a city, it can cause massive destruction and kill hundreds of people. The most problematic thing is that in which part of the world this rocket will fall, it is not able to get the exact information.

Experts are speculating that the debris of this rocket may fall more than expected in the US. According to scientists, the debris of this rocket may have fallen in the city of New York or Madrid, but scientists are not able to fully agree on its point. Scientists fear that rocket debris may fall on China’s Beijing city as well. According to a Guardian report, Jonathan McDowell, a noted astronomer and an expert on aerophysics at Howard University, has said that ‘this is quite dangerous and not good for the world’. He said that ‘The route of this satellite is currently looking towards New York, Madrid or Beijing, which is taking it from Beijing to the north and south to New Zealand and Chile. In this location, this rocket can hit the ground anywhere ‘. He said that it is possible that this rocket falls in the sea, but there is absolutely no denial of this rocket falling in a populated area.

Jonathan McDowell has said that the only relief is that after coming close to Earth from space, a large part of this rocket will be burnt, but still there will be enough debris that will be enough to bring destruction. According to the satellite tracker, the length of this rocket is still about 100 feet and it is moving towards the earth at a speed of 4 miles per second. According to Jonathan McDowell, the Chinese rocket has caused furore before this, unbridled. Before this, a rocket named Long March 5B fell uncontrollably from space, whose shell was visible on the sky in Ivory Coast for a long time and the rocket debris on the earth fell on several houses which completely destroyed. . However, the last time people were already removed, so no man was hurt.

The first element of China’s space station is now in orbit after a successful launch on China’s heavy-lift Long March 5B rocket.https://t.co/8DhRzsKEBj pic.twitter.com/ysz5btzodZ

According to scientist Jonathan McDowell, China’s Long March 5B rocket started circling the earth instead of falling to the designated place in the sea and now it is going to fall to earth in the next few days. At the same time, according to Space News, now this rocket can not be controlled and it is almost impossible to predict the location of its fall. However, Jonathan McDowell believes that since there is 71 percent of the water on Earth, there should be greater hope that this uncontrollable rocket will fall into the water. However, he also said that many of the debris of this rocket could be detached which could fall to the earth at a speed of about 100 mph towards a small plane crash.

According to scientist Jonathan McDowell, there is complete Chinese negligence behind it. A rocket that weighs more than 10 tons, we cannot leave it uncontrollable to fall from space. He said that there is a possibility of falling in many places, but even a slight change in its speed can bend its direction. He said that it may fall on the earth between 8 and 12 May. However, he also said that if the day of the fall of this rocket is known, it can be found about 6 hours before its fall, where the uncontrollable rocket is going to fall.

Let us tell you that China launched the first core capsule module of the space station on 29 April to compete with the US. China is building its own space station in space which will be ready by the end of 2022. For this, China has prepared 11 planned missions. At this time, space is the only special station built by NASA. At the same time, China has named its special station named Tongong and it is being designed as T-shaped. China is setting this space station between 340 km and 350 km from the Earth’s lower orbit and a rocket engaged in the same mission is going to fall uncontrollably to the earth.

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